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Pro Q 2 and Pro Q 3 issue using Apple Trackpad 2

Hi everyone,

Recently I got an Apple Trackpad 2 to use instead of a mouse and I'm encountering a really annoying issue with Pro Q 2 and I wanted to see if others are experiencing the same thing. Just for reference, I've just installed the demo for Pro Q 3 as I thought maybe that would fix it but the issue is exactly the same with Pro Q 3 as well.

Basically, on the Apple Trackpad, you can enable three-finger dragging so that you can perform a click drag on the mouse without actually having to click. Instead you just swipe on the trackpad with three fingers which makes it much easier to use.

In Pro Q 2 (and Pro Q 3) you can hold down the option key (alt) to lock the direction you can drag in so as to only change one parameter at a time. For example, normally swiping around moves the eq bands gain and frequency simultaneously depending on the direction you are dragging, but if you hold down the option key and move upwards to adjust gain then it locks the band so that you can't accidentally move the frequency at the same time and vice versa.

The issue I'm having is that when you enable three-finger drag on the Apple Trackpad and then hold option and drag, when you release the option key the eq band will just randomly jump to a different position.

Could anyone else confirm whether this is indeed an issue with the plugins or if it is something wrong on my end of things please?

Thanks, and sorry for the slightly long post.



I have the same problem. It’s super frustrating because it could be so cool to use the trackpad with the pro-q3. :(


Thanks for the reports, we're going to look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter)
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