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hi, i have experienced a bug.

I have my daw (bitwig) on my second screen and put prol3 on my laptop screen on full screen. when i click away from prol3 back to DAW this happens



Summary: closing L2 while it's on a non-primary monitor will lockup Ableton (I've just reported this to support)
I have three monitors with two above a larger primary one. Windows labels the main monitor 3 & the satellites 1 & 2.
1) Ableton Live open on monitor 3 (primary)
2) Open Pro-L2 & move it to monitor 1 or 2
3) All is still fine
4) Close L2 before dragging it back to Monitor3
5) Ableton continues to work but L2 UI no longer updates when reopened
6) Interacting with or closing L2 will lock/crash Ableton even if you drag L2 back to the primary monitor


@ Yousef: Can you check if disabling graphics acceleration makes a difference:


@Brion: I've just replied to your email.

Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi brain i tried what you told me and the problem persists.


sorry, what you told me Ralph.

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