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Saturn Mono is gone ?

After doing a clean reset of my computer and reinstalling my fabfilter pack it appeared that Saturn Mono is missing. Since I used it in a lot of project I'm pretty f*cked.

Does anyone knows anything about this ?


Saturn mono only came with the original (version 1) Saturn. It's not in the big installer anymore since version 2. You can still download it here www.fabfilter.com/support/downloads


Oh and I guess version 2 automatically switches to mono, hence it's not a separate plugin anymore. But anyway, for your old projects you'll need to download version 1.


Hi Elwen,

Bram is correct, our latest plug-ins have automatic channel assignment, so there is no dedicated mono and stereo versions anymore. The mono version will be added automatically when inserting on a mono track.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Alright thank both of you for the quick & clear answer !

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