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Sidechain in Akai MPC Software

I am trying the Pro MB, and using Akai MPC Software (not confused with the various hardware boxes), and it seems there is no way to get a side gain there. Google comes up empty, and the help explains it for other platforms but not MPC.

Is it planned? (It might affect my decision to purchase, as now I'm also looking for another product that does it, fwiw.)

Steven Coco

I thought MPC Software doesn't support sidechaining for plugins? There are just some Akai coded ones that do it sort of, but neither Pro-MB or plugins from other developers will, as MPC doesn't allow for the necessary routing.
I'm not entirely up to date on the latest MPC developments, so I could be proven wrong :)


Yes, OK, not to beat a dying topic; but where other plugins _do_ simply have their own menu selection, that seemed _almost_ normal, and in the Pro MB documentation for other platforms, it seemed possibly the same — "click the menu in the plugin corner, and choose the bus". So it seemed to me to be the same, just not implemented for MPC. Yet, I am sure I'm wrong, since the selected bus will likely be some _side chain route_! (And frankly, I am not very much more familiar with in-built side-chaining support in various DAWs.)

But: while I do understand that requiring a plugin _insert_ to use as the source for the side chain _may_ seem odd, there should be more here:

An insert is just another routing tap, and the DAW may never have an unlimited number of routes; so If it's really just all the same in the end, adding more inserts to enable this _might_ be overall more beneficial than convenient knobs!

And further: in the end, strange interface aside, it does enable more options — perhaps nobody implemented it — but with a plugin _source_, then that plugin is now free to actually implement any of its own options as the source! For example, Pro MB could allow you to select a certain _band_ in a source insert as the send for the side chain, and then pick it up at the destination and route it to any band in there! (I was hoping for just that! And maybe you can already!)

Or, perhaps instead of the simple source plugin available now, there could be at least a system matrix plugin, allowing you to send to unlimited routes from there — again, just another place to put the taps …

I just wish it worked! Thanks!

Steven Coco
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