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Timeless for double tracking?


I’m a brand new user of the IOS versions of the FabFilter bundle. So far the results are amazing!

I’m trying to figure out how to:

- Double a mono vocal or instrument track
- Pan one image left and the other right
- Delay Left 7.3 ms
- Delay Right by 10 ms
- Detune Left up 6 cents
- Detune Right down 6 cents
- Deliver 100% wet to the mix (I’ll also have the original track fed to the master)

Anyone familiar with Billy Decker’s book on template mixing will recognize this, by the way.

I’m studying the manual and playing around, but would sure appreciate any hints.


Dov Goldman

Hi Dov,

The default minimal delay for Timeless 3 is 5 ms. When you activate the pitch effect in Timeless 3 the minimal delay will be 45 ms instead. This is because of the time the pitch processing takes to process the signal. Therefore it's not possible to have a delay of 7 or 10 ms when pitch shifting is enabled.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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