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Timeless 3 VST3 on Windows is missing in DAWs


I've installed Timeless 3, but my DAWs won't see the VST3 version for the life of them. I've confirmed that the plug-in *is* in the correct folder (Program Files\Common Files\VST3) along with all others, and I've also confirmed this same behavior on Nuendo 11, Studio One 5 and Reaper. All of these find the VST2 version, but not VST3. I've tried reinstalling, rescanning plugins, nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance,


Luiza C

I have the same issue. The installer does not ask about AU, VST or VST3. My DAW reports all installed as VST 2.4. So I can't sidechain externally. How do I fix this?


Hey guys,

Please note that the VST2 and VST3 versions have slightly different names. The VST2 version is called "FabFilter Timeless 3". The VST3 version misses the FabFilter prefix, and is simply called "Timeless 3". Because of this the VST3 version is placed further down the list when the plug-ins are sorted alphabetically.

We removed the FabFilter prefix because a lot of DAWs did not abbreviate the plug-in names in a smart way, and you would just see FabFilterPr in the insert slot.

Ralph (FabFilter)
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