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Pro L2 distortion from piano source


I’m totally new to mixing and to all the FabFilter plugins that I’m using in Cubasis on my 2018 iPad 11” Pro.

I’m bringing my Yamaha CP4 into the iPad via my Behringer XR18 digital mixer. The input is properly gain-staged.

I’ve got Pro L2 set to “safe” mode, True Peak Limiting is on, Oversampling 4x, Output = -6 db and input +3 db.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but somehow I’m missing something.

I hear distortion, which I can directly trace to Pro L2, because when I bypass it, it disappears. I see on the display may red sections indicating the signal is exceeding the output ceiling I set.

I’ve tried increasing lookahead. No difference.

I suspect I’m not understanding how your wonderful plugin works.


Dov Goldman

I found the problem.

The DSP on my iPad is peaking.

Is there anything I can do other than turn off oversampling, etc. on the plugins to reduce the DSP load?

Dov Goldman

Hi Dov,

Besides turning off oversampling and true peak limiting you could also experiment with using a different style. Some styles are more heavy on CPU than others.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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