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FabFilter Pro-Q 3.17 wont install on MAC

I purchased FabFilter Pro-Q 3.17, and I got the installer for it. But once I completed all of the steps for installing it and the green check popped up and said that the installation was complete, nothing showed up on my computer. I looked into applications and it wasn't there, I went into downloads and it wasn't there. Is there somewhere I should be looking for it, or is there a problem with the installer itself?


It's a plugin, you need a DAW or similar which loads either VST2, VST3, Audio Unit or AAX plugins... In other words, it's not an application you can open.
You'll find the plugin's in the appropriate folders YourHD/Library/Audio/Plugins
Please note, do not look in your home directory, but in the root.

See also: www.fabfilter.com/help/pro-q/intro/quickstart

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