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iOS bundle in sale?

Hi there, I see that the iOS apps are on sale, but I don't think there's a discount on the bundle.

Do you plan to do this?


Ben Le Foe

Yes, I was wondering the same thing.


As the bundle drops the rates of the plugins down to $17 USD respectively, I would assume they are already considering that a discount. However, the 25% off would be helpful for the apps outside of the bundle, as the new timeless app

Bryan Butler

Timeless and Saturn are also reduced now. So all the iOS apps are now on sale.

The bundle used to be cheaper still so it's not an entirely cheeky question to ask if it will be reduced slightly for the sale.

Ben Le Foe

Fabfilter have just confirmed on Twitter that they are going to put the iOS bundle on sale too.



Ben Le Foe

Thank you Fabfilter team!


The individual apps are not on sale, only the bundle.

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