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PRO-Q3 / PRO-L2 issue

Hi! I'm preparing a friend's tracks for vinyl again, rolling off bass and top from around 60 (24db p/o) and 10000 (48db p/o) respectively as the top end is quite trebly. Then when I limit, approx +8dB gain, my metering shows a lot of unwanted frequencies. This is an issue I've always struggled with... what am I doing wrong?

Any help gratefully received :-)



Looks like it's linked to the DSP Quattro plugin chain. The overall CD EQ works differently when applied instead to the individual track. I think I need to read the DSPQ manual...


Also keep in mind that low frequencies are not accurate in any analyser... So if you -see- some low end where you don't expect it too, it can be a visual 'residue' from a nearby frequency band.
And... if you add 8dB gain, you may introduce slight distortion, which will add high frequencies.
Don't know if these factors apply, but it may be something to consider :)


Thanks very much Bram. All fine now, but will bear your points in mind, especially at the top end.

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