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Saturn & other plug-in GUI distortion issue on Mac / Ableton

Saturn 1.18 VST and AU on Mac OS X 10.14.3, Ableton 10.1.40

Saturn's UI gets "scrunchy" and distorted when opening the Modulation section, and becomes unusable. This used to happen in Pro-G as well as other plug-ins but newer versions of those seem to have resolved the issue. However, it's still happening in Saturn at least.



Hi Merges,

Could you see if upgrading to Saturn 1.22 resolves the issue? You can find the installer here:



Ralph (FabFilter)

That seems to have worked, thanks!

I'm surprised that I had the older version installed. I recently downloaded and installed all plugins from the "fftotalbundle.dmg" so I thought it should have upgraded Saturn? But it seems that it didn't?

Adam Baker

The Total bundle installer only contains the latest versions of our plug-ins, it does not include the legacy versions.

Ralph (FabFilter)
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