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AVID S1 custom mapping with Q3

Hi there,

now with the new custom plugin mapping option in Eucon I was wondering how this works with Q3. In the custom mapping menu I only see a fraction of the parameters that are available on Q3. For example there's a "LPF freq" parameter but when I map that it move the frequency of a random dot in Q3 not the one that I have actually setup as a LPF.
Is there a way for Eucon/S1/Control to differentiate between the dots in Q3? I only see rather unspecific ones like "low mid" "high mid" etc. while the Q3 has 8 bands going...

Also the "In" button on the frequency parameters seems to cycle through the different types of filters. Can you tell me on which of the parameters the "in" buttons turn the bands on/off?

Many thanks!


OK, so I found out that you can see all the original parameters on the insert page. Now I wonder how to relate those to the ones on the actual EQ page? Are those fixed and setup by AVID?


What really doesn't seem to make sense for example is that all "Lo" parameters on the EQ page refer to Band 2 in Q3 which is not the lowest band.
Can this be changed to Band1 or is that an AVID thing?


Hi Hans,

To use Pro-Q 3 with an Avid surface it's advised to use of the "Flat X bands" presets of Pro-Q 3. Since bands are numbered in the order of their creation, it is possible that band 1 is a top shelf, band 2 is a low pass and band 8 is your high pass and so on. It would be impossible for a controller to keep track of that, so it is important that when using a controller a specific band is always in the same location.

We have created these flat presets especially for this reason. They have a high pass setup as band 1, then 3, 4 or 5 shelf or bell bands and finally a low pass. We suggest using one of these as a starting point when using a controller like the S1.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

Ralph (FabFilter)
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