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Solo Band Q adjust with mouse wheel

After installing Pro Q 3 (loved Pro Q1&2), scroll wheel Q adjust during band solo doesn't work anymore. It just unsolos the band and won't change the Q until I release the mouse click. A workaround is hitting command then soloing and moving the trackball, but that typically causes the frequency to change... All that said, it also stopped working in Pro Q 2 so perhaps it's a setting that got changed, but I can't figure out how to get this functionality back. I'm on Mac 10.12.4, Protools 12.8.1, kensington expert mouse (trackball)


Hi Will,

Are you using the latest 3.11 version of Pro-Q 3? I just checked and with this version, mouse wheel Q adjust during solo works as designed. We did fix a bug related to this earlier, so please check the version that you're using (using Help > About).


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks for your prompt reply Frederik. I was 3.11, but the problem was with my trackball drivers. I uninstalled Kensington Trackballworks and now the scrollwheel is working as it should. Thanks again!


Hey guys,

Just googled and found this thread as I have been having the same issue with my trackball for a while now and it's driving me nuts! I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling Kensington drivers with no luck, so just wanted to ask how you were able to fix this.



Nikolaos Kodonas

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