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Plugins for iPhone?

hi there,

i'm using the fabfilter plugins on my ipad and love them. but why are they not available for the iphone?



Hi Doe,

We wanted to concentrate on having a good user experience on the iPad first. So far not many people have asked for an iPhone version and it would take a lot of effort to fit the user interfaces of our plug-ins on such a small screen. We'll keep it in mind but we don't have any immediate plans for iPhone versions.


Frederik (FabFilter)

With the advent of Cubasis 3 bringing a really capable and fully-fledged DAW to iPhone, I think now would be a really good time to bring them to iPhone! I would certainly get some use out of it, so please consider this another request.

Ara Adkins

I agree. With cubasis 3, this would be amazing!

Alex Powell

+1 :-)

Patrick Delz

Now that Cubasis has found it‘s way to the iPhone, it would be great to have the Fabfilter plugins there as well.

Manfred Löffelsend

We'll look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter)

+1 would love to see it


Yes, that would be nice!

Patrick Delz

+1 and I would love to see FabFilter Micro and One for iPhone. They are amazing on desktop and seem like a great fit for smaller screens. Especially Micro which would be so awesome in AUM! See AAS Objeq for a good UI example. Works great in AUM on iPhone SE.


+1. I record into my Iphone extensively with my portable setup. Eventide has their collection on the device. Just fabfilter missing for the complete package.





Also need for iphone


Yes, that would be so great!!!
Please please please Fab!

Patrick Delz

We will look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Would absolutely love these to be universal and work on iPhone as well. I just got a Max-sized iPhone, and would happily buy the two or three I don’t have yet if they worked on iPhone. I know there are many others who would appreciate this!

Peter N


just purchased the pro bundle..
iphone version would be dope 'cause I am switching between mixing on the pad and on the phone. Would be great to have consistency between the two


Definitely still wishing for this. Would love to be able to load my Drambo projects on all my devices.

Matthew Dunlap

Yes, please bring Fabfilter to iPhone! We need this


I agree with that

I bought toneboosters suite plugins because with fabfilter we cannot change from iPad to iPhone

How many times I began a Cubasis project on iPad and then continue on iPhone and so on

Guys, we want to open Cubasis projects on iPhone with your beautiful plugins


Understood! We’re going to work on this.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Just got Cubasis 3 to have on the go to record and mix.
I am a very happy ProQ3 owner and use it everyday in my Pro Tools system. Would love to have the option to use it in my iPhone. I don't carry an iPad, and for me the pad defeats the purpose of being mobile. I carry my phone at all times, and therefore that is the unit I will use.
So just a wish from a Fabfilter user in Helsinki, Finland.
Have a great December!

Hazze Wazeen

I would also really enjoy fabfilter on the iPhone as well!


Yes me too


I would like to be able to run my FabFilter plugins on my iPhone Pro-max. The screen on this is not much smaller than a mini tablet. It would be handy to run the plugins with my guitar modeling plugins on my phone via AUM. Please release it for iPhones!


With the A15 and the ProMax screen, this really needs to come to the iPhone. I’ve purchased the entire package, it’s a bummer I can’t use on my phone.


Yes please would love this!

Sven Hume

Who makes music on their phone? Like, what realistic scenario is there where you want to work on music somewhere and you cannot have a laptop with you?


-1 on this one, please FabFilter invest your time in more useful things than iPhone plugins


+1 to bring this bundle to iPhone. I bought without realizing it was iPad only!!


Keep it iPad only purchase, but provide the iPhone version in the bundle that runs without a UI maybe? I just want to go back to swapping devices perfectly without losing out on this great bundle and my investment.


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