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Pro G Upgrade Suggestions/Ideas

Hi all,

I know noise gating is very different from noise reduction; however, it would be extremely awesome and helpful if the next version of Pro G comes with de-noising options along with the gating. It would make it a lot more useful, and the combinations of noise gating and de-noising would be endless, and also that would make FabFilter the first company to release a plugin that can handle noise gating and noise reduction simultaneously! I cannot emphasize how useful this would be enough.

Noise that would typically just be gated under a certain amount of dB would now be removed entirely or to a certain level if one desires. One would have the option to use the gating/expanding functions with or without the de-noising, and how much de-noising, and in what specific frequency ranges if they would like etc. De-humming, de-hissing, and such would be possible. A person would have the ability to audition noise in different parts of the spectrum before and after the de-noising has been applied.

I hope you seriously take this into consideration, consider the endless possibilities, and how feasible it would be to make.

Thank you,


Are there any plans to update it?


Hi Ibrahim,

We have loads of updates on our wish list, but unfortunately time is limited. Unfortunately we can't say if Pro-G will be next soon.


Ralph (FabFilter)

I agree, it will be great to have in Pro-G something like "adaptive de-noiser". iZotope did something like that in Voice Denoise and Spectral Denoise plugins, Waves has NS-1 :)

Konrad Leśniak

I don't see what gating has to do with removing noise from a signal. Gating makes sounds quieter based on their amplitude, de-noising makes sounds quieter based on their frequency, independently of their amplitude. The interesting part of removing noise from a signal is the classification: Which frequencies exactly do you determine as belonging to the noise versus the signal. At that point we're pretty far off from gating.

Although in general I'd also love to see FabFilter plugins with iZotope RX features.


Noise gate and noise remover... what do they have in common? maybe supressing noise level? ;)

More seriously, I got your point and I know the difference, but in my opinion automatic, adaptive de-noiser feature in Pro-G would be very useful. And knowing FabFilter, their algorithm would work more efficiently than in Waves or iZotope ;)


Sorry to hijack your post, but I’m just going to chime in with some things I would like to see in a Pro-G 2 ;) I normally wouldn’t request such impossibly-high-hopes type of wishes if Pro-G wasn’t already the best gate/expander in the universe :)

For the sidechain frequency audition I would love to see a ‘signature fabfilter EQ’ type of frequency selection, such as what you see in Q3 or the sidechain EQ spectrum in C2, as well as the bandwidth selection to have separate bands like in Saturn 2 or MB. For example it would be nice to let some mid/low frequency through the gate as well as a specific higher frequency - all without having to surgically EQ or bus/route more channels :)

I use pro-G a LOT, not only for interesting rhythmic gating or other weird sound designs, but also just because sidechaining signals with a low-ratio/high threshold compression really makes things gel together nicely for me. I know these are things you can kind of already do with pro-C2 or by running other instances of other plugins in the signal chain, but it would be it was already in Pro-G as it would reduce CPU and help lead to more interesting experimental sound crafting :)

Also, I wouldn’t complain if there were even more ‘flavors’ of compression style :)

Thanks, fabfilter team, for making some of the very best plugins ever! The wizardry in your studios continues to blow my mind every day.


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