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M1 Big Sur install: AOT translation failed?


I'm trying to install the Total Bundle on my M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur 11.5.1 (latest as time of writing).

The installer runs fine and says that it has successfully installed. When I look for the plug-ins (in both the folder and in Ableton) they are missing. When I run the installer again, it does the same thing (says it installs, but files nowhere to be found)

Looking in the installer logs when, I get the following error message (one for each plug in - have removed lines for other plug ins for ease of read:

Jul 29 12:12:06 Tevyes-Mac-mini installd[2031]: PackageKit: ----- Begin install -----
Jul 29 12:12:28 Tevyes-Mac-mini installd[2031]: AOT translation failed for /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/FabFilter Simplon.aaxplugin/Contents/__Pace_Eden.bundle/Contents/MacOS/__Pace_Eden
Jul 29 12:12:30 Tevyes-Mac-mini installd[2031]: PackageKit: ----- End install -----

This must be a Rosetta issue? Any ideas how I can fix? Google doesn't throw up anything about AOT translation failure.



did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem


Hi Mackie,

we resolved Tevye's issue over email. Could you send us an email to info@fabfilter.com with some more info on your system and the issue at hand?


Ralph Verdult

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