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Pro-Q 3 Suggestion. Bad mouse interacting with mini panels between close tokens

Hi. When you have multiple tokens within a small area, it gets frustrating to interact with the token you need as the mouse always re-picks nearby tokens so that you have to zoom in to interact with the desired token useing its micro panel. Sometimes it is impossible to exploit this micro panel in certain cases where the desired token is located a little higher than its neighbour.

My suggestion is plain. The token micro-panel is fixed for adjusting until after you click the empty field or choose another token by clicking instead of just hovering our mouse onto it.

I hope I'm not the only one having this trouble.

Roman Zen'kov

Hi Roman,

If you cannot reach the band you want to adjust because there are a lot of active bands in that frequency area, you can always use the arrows at the top right of the band controls to select the band you would like to adjust.


Ralph Verdult

Thanks for the reply, Ralph.
Unfortunately, you can't. There is one of the most essential buttons "headphones" that is not placed at the main band control panel.
This topic is not about "impossible" since I can't always zoom in. It is about the flow. Mini panels are one of the best things Fabfilter offers aontrary to other EQs and I use it 90% of the time, as well as the others I'm sure. The fact that I have to zoom in to be able to hover over my mouse at the mini panel to press "headphones" slows down.

That's a suggestion, not a complaint.

Sincerely yours,

Roman Zen'kov

No, you are not the only one having this issue. The mini-window opening (or switching) when hovering over a node is indeed frustrating. I agree it would be better to "click" or "double click" on a node to open (or switch) the mini window.


I completely concur with the issue - it literally stops you dead in your workflow, until you interact in a way to restart your work - either zooming in or hitting the arrows - where you still don't have the headphone option.
It often leaves me shouting at the screen.

Brent Burge

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