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Pro-Q3 cuts turning to boosts after computer idle (PT 2021)

After a session sits idle or the computer goes to sleep, cuts in some instances of Pro-Q3 become full gain boosts, creating massive resonances.

Oddly, the EQ curve display still shows them as cuts but the analyzer (in the plugin) shows the massive resonances. Disabling and re-enabling the plugin or restarting the session resolves the issue.

Anyone else run into this?

Pro-Q3 v 3.10
Pro Tools 2021.3.1 (also had the same issue in previous versions)
OS X 10.14.3


Hi Eric,

There was an issue with Pro-Q 3 where some parameters shifted when leaving sessions in idle for longer periods of time. This issue has been resolved a few updates ago. Please install the latest version of Pro-Q 3 (3.17) to get rid of your issue.


Ralph Verdult

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