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Vst version question


I have little problem. I moved from old pc, where i had all my music projects. I trasfered them to new one, installed everything... but discovered that prevously i had vst plugins, instead of vst3 ones. Now, i don't know how to install vst version of plugins, and not vst3 version of them. Is there any way to download them?

(sorry if i typed something wrong, english is not my main language)


Hi Kacper,

If I'm not mistaken, in every plugin installation you get to choose whether to install the vst2 version of the plugin or not.
Just download the regular installation and follow the directions carefully.
After doing so you'll have to make sure that your DAW reads them and adds them to your plugin list.



Hi Kacper,

Yroth is correct, our current installers include both VST2 and VST3 as well.


Ralph Verdult

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