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Q3 automation dilemmas in ProTools

Hi meant to post this for a long time:

So over the years we've established a workflow with Q3 that basically uses a 7-band preset that is defaulted through the entire session and only the automation lanes for those are activated in PT as activating ALL automation lanes for Q3 eats away a lot of performance. Copying and conforming sessions with hundreds of tracks become extremely slow so we try to only use a maximum of 7 bands as this also works best for Eucon mapping.

So far so good. The problems start when members of a large post teams unintentionally double click into Q3 and create new bands that are then not automated leading to static EQ settings through 7 reels of the timeline. Or they accidentally delete a band and then create a new one that is then not the band they deleted but is created as band 8 which again isn't automated. I guess you can see where this is going. Chaos and messed up mix sessions.

So I was wondering if there is a way in the future to lock down the bands that can be used in FF and not let editors in shared sessions delete/create new bands so everyone is forced to work within those 7band templates and everything stays fully automated with just those bands?

Hope this made sense. Obviously automating all parameters would be best but especially Q3 slows down editing behaviour *a lot* I guess due to gazillion breakpoints being created across all those lanes.

Hope this made sense.

Thanks for listening!

Hans Wurst

In short:

I wish there was a way to lock down mode a set of bands that throw up a message when someone tries to add or remove a band but still has full functionality otherwise.

Hans Wurst

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the feedback. We understand the problem and will think about a way to tackle this for a future Pro-Q version.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thank you, looking forward it!


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