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Your charging me for this little update, let me respond to that...

I own 8 of your apps, its all the big expensive ones as they are good, not cheap, but good, so I invest in your brand. I stopped using Volcano as I found the lack of visual information a bloody nuisance. But I was patient as I knew, what should have been in V2, would be in V3. i.e. Visual feedback. (common sense really)

and it is, for 90+ pounds, or if you own any other of Fabfilter 50% or
more, depending of what you own? Well it turns out that if you own 7 other apps you get a whooping 2% per app Oooo. Im not happy, here why. This update should have been free, at least for the amount of your products I own and I already own Volcano 2.

So here are the options I have. UVI Shade currently stands at 129 Euros, with discount of 30% plus conversion to pounds from Euro stand to cost me 70 pounds give or take. And Shade is leaps and bounds better than Volcano. I will be buying Shade. Also you have just infomend me that it is your intention to now charge me for all existing updates to come, no thanks. I will use your software for now but as other companies are just as good now, and more companies on the way my options have really opened up, buying plugins from you has always been a no brainer, that no longer is the case I will use a de Esser from another company (I was getting yours) and same goes for the gate. I feel punched in the face. Thanks

Philip Cartner

Hi Philip,

When we release a new version of a plug-in we always offer a 2 month grace period. We have always done so. Everybody who purchased Volcano 2 or a bundle containing Volcano 2 within 2 months before the release will get a free upgrade automatically.

For everybody else who has purchased a license for Volcano 2 or even Volcano 1, we have a special upgrade price with at least a 50% discount. When you have more of our plug-ins this discount will be even higher. I just checked your account, and with all the plug-ins you have in your account you are eligible for a 65% discount on Volcano 3, which would make it less than £33.-.

You do not have to update, as we never immediately drop support of the legacy plug-ins once we release a new major version. You can continue to use Volcano 2, but that indeed does not have some of the nice features that Volcano 3 now has. The visual feedback we are able to show now was almost impossible to implement in a plug-in back in 2008 :-)

Ralph Verdult

Errr... excuse me Fabfilter.

I own 8 of your plugins including Volcano 2. I am only seeing a 40% discount for me to purchase Volcano 3.

How come?

David Carter

Hi David,

I checked your account and it doesn't contain Volcano 2: that's why it doesn't give you the upgrade discount. Is it possible your Volcano 2 purchase is registered under another email address? Please email us at info@fabfilter.com so we can figure this out for you.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi Frederik,

I stand corrected. I'd got Volcano 2 installed but forgot that it was as a demo that had expired.

Anyway, congrats on Volcano 3, I will be getting it.


David Carter

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