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Linux support with new VST SDK

Probably most you you already read it, but this is really big news.

Steinberg is releasing a new SDK with linux support:


Can we expect a new version of fab plugins compiled for linux?

I can't wait to buy each one of them.

muzzol — Mar 19, 2017

There's no market for Linux plugins right now. There are maybe a handful of users that would still require a significant amount of support.

At most they'd probably release an unsupported beta (just compiled and sent out).

Sam — Mar 19, 2017

We're not planning support for Linux any time soon. It's a significant amount of work, and testing is harder than on Windows or Mac because there are various major Linux distributions, all with subtle differences. And of course the market is very small.


Frederik (FabFilter) — Mar 21, 2017

Maybe you can concentrate only on one LInux distribution ? Ubuntu studio for exemple ?
I think that there have a lot of ubuntu users in the world ...

Best regards

Chapolin — Sep 1, 2017

I reckon there's a market out there for Harrison Mixbus users on Linux that'd go for pro-grade plugins like these. With Mixbus, Linux is a very valid platform for pro-audio work these days and there's still plenty of opportunity in the plugin space to establish a name as THE essential plugins to be using for pro work on that platform (exactly as fabfilter have very intelligently done with the iOS platform).

Oscar South — Oct 2, 2018

Just try to compile smth for linux users and you will see the amount of us!)))

Dmitry — Oct 27, 2018

FWIW, the plugs run well for mixing at higher latency in Reaper/Linux using WINE and the LinVst wrapper: github.com/osxmidi/LinVst

At least something to consider in the meantime.

Jack Winter — Oct 27, 2018

The Linux market is still small for one reason - most developers like you don't build anything useful for Linux. Give people an alternative and the market will grow.

It's not small market - is a not full market which can be claimed.
And this market has a very small percentage of piracy, users value their developers.

Anatoly — Sep 28, 2020

Every manufacturer of VSTs/Plugins should be interested in supporting Linux:
Somehow, every potential customer is on a budget and the less money one has to spend on the systems that host plugins, the more money the one has left over to spend on plugins... Building a linux based DAW is more interesting than ever these days. Not only that Linux is free and professional grade DAWs like Reaper are cheap. Building a linux based system also reduces costs for computer hardware a lot. Windows and Mac OS don't shine when it comes to parallel processing. Very powerfull multi core CPUs (AMD Ryzen/Threadripper) are available but in Windows/Mac OS based systems with established DAWs like Protools, that are not build for parallel processing/SMT, the potential of this kind of silicon does not translate into performance very well. But with Linux you get way better performance when it comes to SMT. Using these kind of CPUs enables you to put together a machine that is more than twice as powerfull as a fully equipped ProMac for 20% of the price...
It is true that today linux does not play a roll in audioengineering yet but that will change radically. If they are wise, FabFilter should really be interested in becoming envolved in supporting linux.

Fabian — Oct 10, 2020

Linux users are already able to use major DAWs and plugins from 3rd party devs like u-he. Still the market share of Linux is only about 2%. If people didn't care until now, why should they start building Linux systems now suddenly? Further more for hobbyists (which I'd consider the majority of producers) audio production is only an add on. So as long as Linux isn't able to keep up with other stuff like games it's not convinient enough to switch to or to dual boot it.

BTW ProTools utilizes all CPU cores and highly runs in parallel...

Mirko — Oct 11, 2020

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