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Educational DIscount

Hello there! I applied for an Educational Discount a few days ago. Yesterday i have also e-mailed support and wrote a message on the official Facebook page of FabFilter and still got no update on my application. How long does this usually take?...

I really want to buy a couple of plug-ins and i kind of need them asap, but still don't want to miss a 50% discount opportunity..

Yousef — Jun 9, 2018

... handled now!

Floris (FabFilter) — Jun 9, 2018

I'm having an issue applying for the educational discount. I submitted the application over a month ago when I downloaded the 30-day trial period and still have not received a response. I would like to purchase and continue using the filters so I sent in another application yesterday and sent another email but again no response. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathen — Jan 12, 2019

Hi Nathen,

We've just emailed you back regarding your edu application.


Frederik (FabFilter) — Jan 14, 2019

My demo for Pro Q 3 just ran out and I really want to purchase it ASAP. I submitted an education application and was wondering how long it usually takes to get a response? I'm in quite a time crunch.


Sina Wynne — Apr 11, 2019

Hi Sina,

We've approved your application today. :)


Frederik (FabFilter) — Apr 12, 2019

Hey, I just recently submitted my application for educational offers. Wondering how long it'll take to get reviewed? I kinda need it ASAP.
Thank you!

Anton — Apr 22, 2019


I submitted a request for an educational discount a couple of months ago, and haven't heard anything back yet.

I submitted a new request today and hope you can look over it soon.


Christopher — Apr 24, 2019

@Anton: Can you resubmit your request? It seems like we didn't get your original application: www.fabfilter.com/shop/educational-discounts

@Christopher: We've received and approved your new request today.


Frederik (FabFilter) — Apr 25, 2019

Just submitted my request. How long doest it typically take for a response?

Mary — May 7, 2019

Typically one working day. We will review it today.


Frederik Slijkerman — May 8, 2019

Hello I recently applied for the student discount but still haven’t gotten any updates on my status. I’m hoping I can buy some of the plugins soon to work on my finals!

Erick Garcia — May 22, 2019

Hi Erick,

We'll review your application today!


Frederik Slijkerman — May 23, 2019

Just wanted to follow up on the progress of processing my educational discount! Sent it in a little over a week ago.

Hank — Jun 6, 2019

Hi Hank,

I'm sorry, but I can't find an application with your email address. Can you please resubmit it?


Frederik Slijkerman — Jun 6, 2019

Just resubmitted it! Thank you Frederik!

Hank — Jun 6, 2019


I applied several times for the educational discount and I also sent out a couple of emails to the help address with no avail. Is there anyway someone may be able to check on the status of my request?

Thank you!

Rodrigo Mayor — Jun 27, 2019

Hi Rodrigo,

We replied to you on March 26, 2019, requesting more proof that you're actually enrolled this year. If you send that to us via email, we'll be happy to set up your educational account. Please reference your case number (102834).


Frederik (FabFilter) — Jul 2, 2019


I re-submitted today for the educational discount since I thought the request I previously done weeks ago didn't work somehow!

Thanks for your attention!


Fabio A — Aug 9, 2019

Hey Fabfilter,

I submitted my educational discount rate on Monday of this week, was wondering how long it usually takes to get that checked out.


Kev — Aug 15, 2019

Hello Fabfilter!

I applied for a student discount twice and I haven't gotten a response! I want to buy the compressor and EQ for my audio engineering classes, but I can't afford both unless I have the discount. I hope you can help me resolve this issue. Thank you!


Matthew Bryson — Oct 5, 2019


How many different computers can I install the plug ins on if purchasing an educational license ?

Paul — Nov 6, 2019

Hello fabfilter

I put the information to create my student account and I put my certificate of schooling but I did not have a return by email.

is this a technical problem and would I get an answer soon?
Thanks you

Charbel — Nov 14, 2019


I tried applying for the educational discount but kept getting an error saying that i did not fill out the form completely but I obviously did. Tried multiple time and no success.

Can someone confirm that my application went through and is getting reviewed?

Brayden B — Nov 22, 2019

Submitted my educational discount application a few days ago as well. Just hoping to get a follow up. Thanks!

Cristiaan — Dec 27, 2019

Hi there,

I also submitted my educational discount application a few days ago, just hoping to speed up the process so I can buy as soon as possible!



Joe Little — Dec 27, 2019

I applied for an educational discount a few weeks back, it was just to check that it went through ok?


Iain — Jan 6, 2020

Hello, Just wondering how long it will take to get a response about
student discount, I applied recently.

Thank you

George Merturi — Mar 13, 2020

Hi guys,

Educational applications are usually handled within a business day. If you haven't heard back after a few days, please get in touch via info@fabfilter.com. However, please check your spam or promotions folder first!


Ralph (FabFilter) — Mar 13, 2020

I applied for educational discount recently as I ran out of demo periods for pro q3,pro MB and pro L2.I'm in absolute love with these plugins and wish to purchase them as soon as possible.How long does it take to review my request? Sorry for being impatient but I am in a hurry to finish my projects.LOVED YOUR PLUGINS BTW,you guys rock!


ishwar hegde — Mar 23, 2020

Hi Ishwar,

Usually educational applications are handled within a business day. I approved yours this morning.


Ralph (FabFilter) — Mar 24, 2020

Thank's for edu discount >:/<

Islap — Apr 19, 2020


I applied for Educational Discount a week ago and haven't got any response. I also sent a follow up email.

Please let me know if I have to resubmit. I really like to buy your products.

Regards, Jonas

Jonas — Apr 28, 2020

Hi Jonas,

I case you have not heard back, did you check your spam folder? If there's nothing there, could you please specify your last name or email address, so I can check our system for messages?


Ralph (FabFilter) — Apr 28, 2020

Sorry for a maybe stupid question, but educational discounts are avalaible for every student or just for students enrolled in music related courses?
Example: I'm studying japanese at university, can I apply for edu discount?

Pietro — May 1, 2020

Hi Pietro,

Our student discount is available for ALL student, not just those enrolled in music related courses.


Ralph (FabFilter) — May 2, 2020

Thanks for reply! I applied :)

Pietro — May 3, 2020

Hi FabFilter-Team,

I applied for Educational Discount a week ago and haven't got any response. I also resubmitted this week, just in case there was a problem but I still got no response.
Is there a problem with my appliance?


Robin — May 3, 2020


I hope you and your family/friends are staying healthy and safe!

I sent in an application last night but didn't receive a confirmation email or anything, just want to make sure it was received.


Evan — May 3, 2020


I applied for the educational discount, and need the plugins ASAP for a session today and a PT session I am receiving with the plugins in it. How fast could I get it approved? Thank you!!

Samantha — May 3, 2020

Hello all!

I am desperately trying to apply for the educational discount, but every Time I complete the form I am getting a 404 error page not found screen after I click submit. I have not gotten a confirmation email from fabfilter and I don't know if I should email a hand written application email. Can anyone help me? until then I will continue to fill out and submit the same application and hope it goes through!

-Antonio Peer

Antonio Peer — May 8, 2020


I submitted an educational discount application today but did not receive a confirmation email. Just wanted to make sure you got it. I'm eager to start working with these awesome plugins. Thanks!


Miguel Apreza — May 22, 2020

Hi there, I just applied for an educational discount. I noticed that it was taking a bit of time for some users to have it approved so wondered if you could look at mine asap as I'm keen to get up and running! :) Thanks!

Ben Mallott — Jul 3, 2020

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