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I just built an AMD 32 core system that is working great in Windows but I know it would work better in linix with ZFS. Your plugs and UAD plugs are the only thing holding me back in Windows. I am hoping you are moving towards offering your plugs for the linix platform.

John Swihart — Oct 14, 2018

Hi John,

Unfortunately, the Linux market is too small at the moment for us, as a small independent company, to develop for it. But who knows, maybe in the future!

Floris (FabFilter) — Oct 15, 2018

For those that don't know, FF plugins seem to work quite well in Linux using WINE and the LinVst wrapper: github.com/osxmidi/LinVst

Caveat: Probably not suited for professional work, but more than usable for hobby level usage.

Jack Winter — Oct 15, 2018

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