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Question About Purchases


Fairly soon I am planning to buy a bundle, once I comfortably have enough money for it. For now, however, I was considering just buying Pro-Q2 because I am in more urgent need of some of its features.

So my question is this:

If I go ahead and purchase Pro-Q2, will the price that I spent on that single plugin be deducted from any future bundle purchases I make? Or will the bundle cost the same as it were before I purchased one of the plugins in i?

Thanks :)

Cooper — Oct 30, 2018

Thank you for your interest in our plug-ins. In our system, it is always cheaper to buy multiple plug-ins at once (e.g bundle purchase). If you decide to upgrade to a bundle in a later stage you won't have to buy the plug-in twice and you'll receive a loyalty discount for the plug-in(s) you bought earlier. However, please note that this discount won't be the same as a Bundle purchase. Separate licenses can be sold separately, with bundles, this is not the case...

Let's say you decide to upgrade to a bundle within a month, just purchase the correct bundle from our online shop. After your purchase, please notify us via info@fabfilter.com, and we will refund your initial order right away!

Maarten — Oct 30, 2018

hello, quick question: does this offer stand for educational licenses as well? more specifically - i'm thinking about buying pro r2 but might want to upgrade to the essentials bundle quite soon.
thanks for your reply

qcrnp — Feb 5, 2019

Yes, educational licenses are calculated the same way, but with an additional 50% discount.


Frederik (FabFilter) — Feb 6, 2019

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