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Stacking PRO DS on single vocal track

Has anyone had success with stacking the pro ds on a single voice track? I'm thinking about using it three times at the end of my plugin chain. This is for voice over. The first one would have a range from about 3700 Khz to 4500. The second one from 4600 to 6100. The third going from 6200 to 8500. I don't know if this is the way to get a wide spectrum with a milder Threshold and Range, or to just have one set up, going from 3700 8500.

I can't really tell the difference when trying this, however I would think that stacking de essers could start to be too much in the signal.

Any thoughts?

Duncan — Aug 8, 2019

Stacking de-essers is actually really common and has a very similar concept as serial compression. However, I highly recommend putting these de-essers at different stages of the FX chain. My method for this is to listen before adding anytime at all and if it already needs a de-esser I use one doing light to medium gain reduction. Next I always put one after compression if I compress and it needs it. This one is the primary de-esser. Next after the vocal tracks are sent to a bus I will use very gentle de-essing on the bus if it really needs it. Sometimes vocals don't need a de-esser until you sum a 10 of them together. I don't personally recommend using staggered frequency ranges unless you do so in a dynamic EQ or something like Pro-MB where you can have the bands directly linked with variable sidechain for each because otherwise it is just too likely for them to work against each other and involve way more work than it is worth. Just my opinion if course but what is important here is that you can use as many if them as you want just be careful not to turn a sibilance problem into something else just as bad.

Notheorem729 — Aug 13, 2019

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