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How do you increase/decrease the overall gain/main level in Pro Q 3?

I'm using the trial of Pro Q 3 and I'm wondering how to alter the overall level of the yellow bar, as opposed to raising/lowering individual points on it. Like in Fruity parametric EQ 2 you can raise or lower the "main level", which evenly changes the entire "bar" along with all of the changes in the individual bands. I apologize for being ignorant about the terminology; I don't know what the main "bar" is called, and I might be incorrect about the individual points being called "bands". I'm very new. Anyways, is there a way to do this in Pro Q 3?

Mark J — Oct 7, 2019

Hi Mark,

At the bottom-right you have this menu that opens by mouse-click, where you can change the overall gain, panning, and more.
(it looks like this: "100% 0.0dB")


Yroth — Oct 7, 2019

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