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Plugins for iPhone?

hi there,

i'm using the fabfilter plugins on my ipad and love them. but why are they not available for the iphone?


Doe — Oct 7, 2019

Hi Doe,

We wanted to concentrate on having a good user experience on the iPad first. So far not many people have asked for an iPhone version and it would take a lot of effort to fit the user interfaces of our plug-ins on such a small screen. We'll keep it in mind but we don't have any immediate plans for iPhone versions.


Frederik (FabFilter) — Oct 8, 2019

With the advent of Cubasis 3 bringing a really capable and fully-fledged DAW to iPhone, I think now would be a really good time to bring them to iPhone! I would certainly get some use out of it, so please consider this another request.

Ara Adkins — Dec 21, 2019

I agree. With cubasis 3, this would be amazing!

Alex Powell — Jan 2, 2020

+1 :-)

Patrick Delz — Jan 3, 2020

Now that Cubasis has found it‘s way to the iPhone, it would be great to have the Fabfilter plugins there as well.

Manfred Löffelsend — Jan 4, 2020

We'll look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter) — Jan 7, 2020

+1 would love to see it

Jacou — Jan 11, 2020

Yes, that would be nice!

Patrick Delz — Feb 14, 2020

+1 and I would love to see FabFilter Micro and One for iPhone. They are amazing on desktop and seem like a great fit for smaller screens. Especially Micro which would be so awesome in AUM! See AAS Objeq for a good UI example. Works great in AUM on iPhone SE.

Joost — Feb 17, 2020

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