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Is this possible with a fabfilter Plugin?

Hi everyone,

I 'd like to reduce the bass frequencies in a Kick. Is this possible by a side chain and any fabfilter plugin? If yes, how?

Thank you.

Roger Cabo — Oct 12, 2020

Hi Roger,

The best tool for this would be Pro-MB.


Ralph (FabFilter) — Oct 12, 2020

Thanks Ralph,

What I like to do is:

MB should analyze the tonal bass frequency is currently playing and reduce this frequency in the kick.

If the bass is playing an E2, MB should reduce about ~82.41Hz, when playing an A2 then reduce ~110.00Hz.

A Kick has a wide range of tonal frequencies, could be ~30 bis 300Hz.. And I do not want to duck the complete low end if the kick is playing.

Roger Cabo — Oct 14, 2020

Hi Roger,

Unfortunately that's not possible at the moment. We do not offer a plug-in that has any form of frequency following that would be able to provide that functionality.


Ralph (FabFilter) — Oct 14, 2020

Okay.. BTW would be an top and new behavior of a plug in, to recognize the frequency and duck this in another track/sound.

This would be one step further for MB or Dynamic EQ. (Call it perhaps frequeny spacer).

Perhaps you can login as a feature.

Regards, Roger Cabo

Roger Cabo — Oct 15, 2020

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