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Room echo

I'm a voiceover artist and despite having spent quite a lot of money on acoustically treating my studio, I've still got some room echo. Anyone got any ideas about using FF plugins to help with this?

Peter — Apr 29, 2021

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately we do not have a specific plug-in for treating echo or removing unwanted room acoustics. My main suggestion would be to trace down the problem in your room first, before throwing some processing at it. Better get it right at the source : - )


Ralph (FabFilter) — Apr 30, 2021

Fair comment, Ralph. Like I say, I've got a lot of treament on walls, ceilings and windows, but it's not a small room... I shall persevere. Thanks.

Peter — May 2, 2021

I've had some decent results with the "dereverb" function in Izotope RX 8:


Of course, better to remove it at the source, but if you can't, might be worth exploring ...

(And for the record, if I had to choose between Izotope and FabFilter for everyday mixing - it would be 100% FF all the way!!)

Jascha — May 2, 2021

Thanks Jascha.
I'll check that out!

Peter — May 3, 2021

Proximity EQ by Sonible could also help.

Roman — May 8, 2021

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