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Pro-Q Band Solo lock?

Hi, I would like to suggest the a Solo-lock function.

This for 2 reasons:
1. It could be used as a effective bandpass filter.
2. Sometimes its preferable to not have to hold down the solo button(the headphone symbol).

Maybe shift-click (or any other modifier) could toggle solo on/off for selected band?

Thanks for a fantastic eq by the way..have changed my ways of eq:ing a lot (to the better)




Thanks for the compliments! We'd rather not make the solo mode something that can be permanently on. Currently we can at any time change the solo filtering to be more effective in an update; once we add the option to make it permanent, you could save it in a session and then we cannot change the sound anymore.

You can replicate the sound of the solo mode with (for a bell curve) a regular bell filter with +30 dB gain, and additional LP + HP filters to trim off the sides. You'll also need to decrease the output level depending on the input signal and the bandwidth.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi, Frederik. Could you please share the details to replicate the solo filtering? Can't get that sound with just bell boost and hp+lp. We need certain Q and filter orders at least.
And btw, it has built-in upward compression, right? How can one replicate this compression with fabfilter plugins?
ps: we need this solo lock very much! Cheers.


Yeah, that's a lot to do to recreate. If you guys could please create that option it would help free out our hands instead of having to hold down the click ... I advocate for this to be made a thing, please.

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