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AAX-DSP Plug-ins

A quick question: now that you have released AAX-Native plug-ins do you plan to release AAX-DSP as well?
Thank you for the reply.




We don't have immediate plans for AAX-DSP versions of our plug-ins.


Frederik (FabFilter)

+1 on AAX DSP support.

Realize this may be seen as 'minority interest' to a traditionally natively orientated developer, but I really think Fabfilter's products are starting to move in very pro circles, and AAX DSP would be hugely appreciated.


Jules Bromley



I will stop to use waves when fabfilter's AAX DSP version appear.




There is no doubt that having DSP versions would have many people using Fabfilter plugs instead of Waves etc.

The door is open right now for the DSP market. Softube is moving in, Metric Halo etc. They know this is a rare opportunity to acquire a new market share.

Just my two cents.

Ron Wasserman

I was just about to buy the all in bundle when I realized there are no DSP versions. AAX DSP please

Peter Cole

+1 AAX-DSP, Waves have dropped the ball and Fabfilter have a great opportunity (IMHO). The amount of pros using PT HD and currently moving to HDX should not be underestimated.

Ed Walker

+1000 I agree completely! you go AAX DSP and im all in...

dan middleton

... we'll investigate the possibilities soon! :-)

Floris (FabFilter)

As a former HD user and current HD|N user I vote a big fat


I'd rather fabfilter put their effort into other things.

The fact is that HDx is already a lame duck, by next summer when 8 and 10 core Ivy bridge e chips are out that fight will be completely over. By the time haswell-e is out HDx will be dust in the wind.

Why would a developer like fabfilter waste their resources on something that at best will have a 2 year sales cycle? Especially when the native alternative will probably never burn out?

HDx guys are going to get used to using tons of native plugins on auxes anyway...


I'd love AAX-DSP versions as well... Hope you will make these plans soon :)


+1 When AAX DSP arrives I'll pull the trigger right away!

Hakan Glante

+1 It wouldn't keep me from buying without it, but it sure would add incentive to have it. Faster machines are always on the horizon, but then software continues to demand more resources too, so I think DSP will continue to be more or less a value to have available.



I haven't gone HDX yet cause none of the plugins I use are available in AAX-DSP format. Fabfilter has taken over all of my clean needs which is the majority of my plug use since I mix analog with a ton of outboard. Fabfilter going AAX-DSP would be the only reason I'd need to go HDX.


I'd love to see AAX DSP as well. As native power increases Native +DSP will still have more power than native alone


Yes AAX DSP please!!


+1+1+1 on AAX-DSP. Will definitely impact our spending on Fabfilter plugins vs. other companies. Folks want to say that HDX is DOA, but the pros in the business know better, especially in post — which is where 90% of the money is, and where Fabfilter should be.

If it were a huge PITA hand-coding from scratch like TDM, I would understand companies staying away. But apparently it's mostly an optimizing exercise once you're already in AAX-native, which you have been for 16 months already (kudos).

So what do you say, Floris? Seven months since you weighed in on this ... anything new?


I come to your site once a week just to check the news and see if you have went AAX-DSP. I believe your plugs ARE the future of DAW processing, and sit in wait of you going pro! Native does not and will not compete with DSP! So once again, Please consider coding AAX-DSP!!!

Dan Middleton

We've just completed a careful investigation of AAX-DSP, and our unfortunate conclusion is that at this point, it's not possible to do a simple port of our native plug-ins to AAX-DSP.

Our plug-ins use advanced and complex processing techniques that don't translate well to the somewhat limited resources provided by the HDX cards (both CPU and memory-wise). Making AAX-DSP versions would only be feasible if we would recode the processing from scratch, and even then we're not sure we could match the features and audio quality in the native plug-ins while also allowing a decent number of instances per chip.

In other words, native systems are massively powerful nowadays and our plug-ins have been designed to take full advantage of these possibilities. This is great, but makes it harder to scale them down to a more limited architecture.

So for now, we will not start working on AAX-DSP versions of our plug-ins. Perhaps in the future if the HDX platform becomes more powerful, we might reconsider. We will of course continue to develop and improve our AAX-Native plug-ins including 64-bit support in the near future.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Avid has released s3l venue system, and they work with aax dsp plugins,, I will die the day I could use pro Q live!!! and it will be yet another market for fabfilter



Only pro work with HDX, but pro have many clients, and sound engineer are the "god's voice" for many musicians. If we use it, musicians will use it too. And waves is not in for now.

It's an open market to conquiert...

Loris Bernot




Another vote/request for AAX DSP!


+1 !!!!!!


I'm also looking for a replacement for Waves since they haven't gone AAX DSP. I would love it to be the PRO-Q. I won't be buying any plug-ins at this point unless it is AAX DSP.

Dave Zimmerman

And VENUE Support too! :)

Chris Diener

I would honestly rather see new plug-ins than AAX-DSP ones for now.

Honestly in this day and age if you can't do what you need to do with a Core-i7, then you probably want to rethink the musicians you work with :p

I realise Post is probably a different matter of course.


Avid s3-L is very attempting.
Is FF going in with HDX ? and i'am in too (s3-L) !


Please AAX DSP this plugins are amazing and HDX is it too , i would really really really love to have this plugins on dsp , i would drop everything else.
please please consider it.

i just love your plugins

you have done an amazing job

Cristian moraga


My vote/request for AAX DSP!


I WILL absolutely buy any plugins from you and force all my buddy's on HDX to DEFINITELY make them DSP. Super, duper please...

Eddie Fisher

+1 DSP.. i'll buy your plugins then for all our systems in studios/ edit suites...can't justify buying just native.

mat lauren

I will change my tdm system only if I see the fabfilter suite in 64 bit dsp, if not I will use my tdm system until I die.

Pippo Baudo

My mind - AAX DSP, Fab-filter is best plugins, but ...DSP


AAX DSP will transform the livemarket! In combination with S6L and S3L consoles there are no looking back!

Do it!!!


One more who wish a Venue S3L installer.


Dsp pleaseeeeeeeeeee Will Get all if you do !


Please please please DSP! Fab filter plugs are the best on the market right now, we need you to step out the box and go DSP!


Given the reply Frederik already gave, I doubt that will happen. It sounds like it's just too much effort for too little potential gain. And the guys can't even guarantee it would sound the same or perform any better than native, who wants that? And who would seriously want the two guys to take that financial risk if what they're doing now is successful?

However, seeing the DigiGrid seems to be gaining momentum, Plug-Ins in that format would at least be processed on Core i5/i7 CPUs and hence would not require a complete re-write of the audio processing code.

And SoundGrid/DigiGrid is much closer to the DSP latency values than most native solutions if that's your primary concern.

Perhaps that would justify another investigation, Frederik. Apparently, Venue integrates with SoundGrid.



Great summary Gero and we're definitely interested in SoundGrid for this reason. :-)


Frederik (FabFilter)

Sooooooo Fredrik & Gero, will we see Fabfilter working on SoundGrid soon? Should I buy a DLS Gero, would it be better than HDX alternative?


+1 for AAX DSP


Hey Fabfilter, HDX still is a big dog. Lots of us exclusively use HDX DSP plug ins. Now with hybrid mode available on Pro Tools HDX. More people than ever will be looking at DSP plug ins. I think an hdx DSP version of the plug ins would be super cool. A 100 % different version if required architecture wise. Sounding as good as possible with a slimmer GUI. People love FF, so if open about hdx short comings if any, people would still be interested. I know I really want at least pro q 3 in DSP.

Smart guy

As far as we know, the limitations as I described them above (in 2013) are still the same so there really isn't a viable path to porting our plug-ins to AAX-DSP at the moment. Unfortunately!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Still... +1 for DSP ;)

Thomas Cassetta

I would love to... but I guess it won't be.


+1 for DSP version. I use it in a Post Pro work.

Aria Prayogi
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