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Side-chain compression in Premiere Pro CC

I found some VST plugins that can do side-chain compression in Premiere Pro CC.
It works by placing the plugin on both the music and the narrator. This is available since quite some time but these are free non professional plugins.

Of course doing a roundtrip in audition this works wonderfully with Fabfilter plugins.

But not everytime a roundtrip is worth the effort. I think helping to setup the Pro-C for this would open a market on its own for the video editors on Premiere.

Probably it is possible already. But I did not see how. There are channel settings in premiere that even say sidechain and look promising but I gave up soon (probably too soon).

Looking forward for answers.

Keep up the good work.


A solution to use Pro C in Premier Pro for side chain compression would be great for all the editors out there that want to perform auto ducking etc but don't want to round trip to Audition.


So, can anybody tell, how its work in Pr? How to configure sequenc., for sidechain with Pro-C or MB ?

Bogdan Bogdan

I just tested with Premiere Pro CC 2018 and it doesn't look like it supports side chains either with VST2 or VST3 plugins, unfortunately. There's a channel router per plugin but it only shows the main input bus, not the side chain bus.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Any hope now 3 years later this is possible now?


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