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Fabfilter Pro Q2 license problem

I purchased Pro Q2 license on Friday after my 30 day evaluation had expired. Whenever I enter my license key the plugin tells me to restart Pro Tools. Sadly, every time I do that the plugin still says my evaluation is expired. Please help! I've got 3 mixing sessions on hold because of the issue :(

I read all possible information and I tried pasting license key several times in all possible different forms. Nothing works. I also tried to delete all fabfilter files from my system to see if that would reset 30 day evaluation with no luck.


Just a random idea, as this could be a permission problem. I have no idea how something like this works on a Mac, if that's what you're using. But if you're using Windows, right-click the Pro Tools icon and select "Run as Administrator". Then do the license registration and restart as normal.

It's worth a shot at least. :)

Torben Andersen

I'm having the same problem any help would be appreciated


Please email us using the Contact link at the bottom of this page and we'll sort things out!


Frederik (FabFilter)

I have the same exact issue! I'm on Pro Tools HD 12.1 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.

Hope you solved this, I'm currently stuck due to this.


Forgot to tell you that this happens also on Logic Pro X (latest version) and Live 9.2.


I am having the same issue with both Pro Tools and Logic. Also, I don't have outlook installed on my computer and the only way you guys ask for emails is through that application. Can you just please give me an email address so I can send my issue to the right people and get this fixed? This is a problem that is already bigger than it should be.


Hi Guys,

Do you happen to have Upgrade licenses for Pro-Q 2, upraded from Pro-Q 1 via your account?

Floris (FabFilter)

I bought the plug-in license for Pro-Q2 not 1. Also, I keep putting in the license key and it only seems to work for that time I'm using it. The problem is not on my end. Why won't it work?


Hi Gabriel,

You can e-mail us at info@fabfilter.com and we'll look into this!


Floris (FabFilter)

I'm having the same problem. Really aggravating!


Hi Trevis,

Which host are you using on which OS? Do you get an error message when entering your license key or is it just accepted without problem?

Can you email us at info@fabfilter.com with specifics so we can help you better?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I recently purchased My FabFilter Total Bundle package. Everytime I enter the license key, it tells Me that next time I restart the host (ProTools 10HD) it will work. And everytime I do this, it still says My evaluation period has expired and to re-enter the license key. Please help!!!

Andrew Worthy

Hi Andrew,

Could it be that you are using MacKeeper? If so, that is almost certainly causing this issue. I strongly recommend that you uninstall MacKeeper, which is widely considered to be malware, even by Apple itself: discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3036 .

If not, e-mail us at info@fabfilter.com and we'll get to the bottom of this!

Floris (FabFilter)

is happening on my windows computer idk what to do please help asap i have to finish mixing my album


Hi Jungle,

Have you copy-pasted the license key from your e-mail client of another source? If so, please login to your FabFilter account and copy the license key directly from there. Also, make sure that you copy the whole key, incl. the '-- COPY --' lines.

Let us know if this solved the issue!

Floris (FabFilter)

I am having the same issue with Saturn on my WIndows computer i run FL. i've tried emailing you're customer support email twice still no response. i've seen many video tutorials and tried multiple ways please help. kind of annoyed

Koty laux

has this been fixed


Hi JayJay,

If you have any issues authorizing our products please get in touch via info@fabfilter.com.


Ralph (FabFilter)

I see this issue is around for years. I’m having the same issue now. Why can’t the solution be shared here so we can fix it immediately. I have emailed info@fabfilter.com but I haven’t received a solution as yet. Like others I have projects on hold.

Very frustrating


Hi Riaghansings,

There could be loads of different reasons a license does not work. A lot of the times we have to supply the license code to get the problem resolved, which we cannot supply here on the forum as you might understand. Therefore we always ask people to get in touch personally.

I have replied to your email this morning.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Ralph

When can we expect to a reply to my email?



Patrick Boardman

Sorry Ralph I didn't see your above response but it still doesn't offer me a solution. As I said I have replied to your previous email and haven't received a response. If there are many reasons it might not work can you share them so I can try them.

I had a 30 day trial period and it worked fine. I then tried to purchase it and it directed me towards ProQ3 which i paid for. I then wouldn't except the PorQ3 license code and recognised it was not a proQ2 license code. I then entered the previous version license code ProQ2 and it excepted it and thanked me. It asked me to restart the host software which is potools in my case.

When I do the circle starts again.

Its now 16:00hrs and if you don’t send me a solution soon, we will be another day gone that we can’t us your software.

Its been over a week since we purchased the software.

I would like a solution today.


Patrick Boardman

I have the same problem on logic pro x (I restarted the daw several times). I haven't purchased fab filter pro q 3, but if you helped me anyway, I would be really happy.

Darya Troyan

Hi Darya,

If you are using Pro-Q 3 in evaluation mode, please get a new evaluation license at www.fabfilter.com/covid19. Please make sure you also paste the -- COPY EVALUATION EXTENSION FROM HERE -- and -- COPY UNTIL AND INCLUDING THIS -- correctly.

If this does not work please get in touch with us at info@fabfilter.com.


Ralph (FabFilter)

HI! I am having the same issue. Evaluation period is done, and I bought the pro pack and it just keeps saying "Thank you..close host and restart it" and Then the same screen pops up again. I have put in the license key to no avail and have some deadlines by the end of the week. Pls help

Marcus A Grimmie

Hi Marcus,

if you still have problems authorising please send us an email at info@fabfilter.com.


Ralph Verdult
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