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Pro-R reverb and stage positioning

I am curious about the best way to achieve stage positioning when using Pro-R.

Pro-R provides a Distance knob, but I am unsure how to achieve the most realistic left-right positioning.

* Would a simple panning do the trick?
* Would binaural panning (such as Wavearts' Panorama work better)?
* Would mono input work better than stereo input?
* Should binaural panning be done before or after Pro-R?


Hi Anton,

I would recommend to do the following:

  • First of all, set the Stereo Width knob to 70%. This means that Pro-R uses a fair amount of channel cross feeding, while still respecting the positioning of the original input signal.
  • Then, use the Input Pan knob (bottom bar) to position the instrument to the left or right of the stage, and the Distance knob to control the distance to the source.

Floris (FabFilter)

@Floris What is the difference between using the input pan knob and just using the pan knob on a track in your DAW?


@Floris Still wondering what the answer might be to my above question! :)


Hi Conor,

The panner above your fader is post all plug-ins and processing. The input panner of Pro-R will pan the signal into the reverb. If you use the panner above the fader it will both pan the input and the reverb.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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