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Splice (Rent to own)

Hi as a music maker i have used a range of Fab Filter products at many different studios over the years

I AM VERY IMPRESSED and would love to purchase the "Fab Filter Total Bundle" but as you are most likely aware these programs can be very expensive up front to low level musicians/engineers.

I have purchased a bunch of OZONE products lately through the "Splice (Rent to own)" function on their service which is great because i just pay a certain amount of money each month until its paid off and i can use them to straight away to get results in order to pay for more.

I am NOT looking for a discount of any sort and would happily pay full price but i just can not afford to have spend that much money at one time.

I would love to be able to pay off the Fab Filter total bundle with a "Rent to own type" function, if a solution like this happened i would pay immediately and i'm sure a lot of other people would as well.

Maybe partner with Splice?

These prices may suit studios and successful engineers with money,
I cannot help but feel there is a void to be filled between lower scale artists and hopefully this can help your business and future customers.

Please take this into consideration because i would LOVE to purchase FabFilter products in the future.

Thank you for your time.


Andy Makin

Hi Andy,

Than you for your interest in our plug-ins. At the moment, I don't think we'll be offering a rent-t-own or payment plan option any time soon. We did consider offering this type of payment a while back, but decided to wait offering this until there's more demand for it.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail!




I for one would definitely purchase fab filter via a rent to own subscription!


The demand is huge people are always wanting a discount code I’m so die hard fab filter I bought the iOS iPad version.Love your products but people are beating the door down for discount codes is very telling .BTW there is a nasty very very very good clone of your product Q2 and it’s 70 percent cheaper.Just a heads up


I second that, it would be HUGE if Pro-Q, for example, was an option in a rent-to-own plan. I live in Brazil so the currency conversion makes it way too expensive for me to buy it right away, but I could afford if I could pay along some months. The comment section on Splice is full of comments asking for FabFilter plugins plans, so I don't really think demand would be an issue for y'all.
Best regards.

Júlio Soares

Hi Júlio,

I understand! We will implement a rent-to-own system at some point in time, but that will probably be integrated in our own website and not via Splice.

Floris (FabFilter)

Defintely would appreciate a rent to own plan. I think many people would go for it.

Tomás Boils

Seeing as how expensive Fabilfter plugins are I'm supeised they haven't implemented this yet...


Would be lovely with a rent-to-own option


Would LOVE rent to own. I'm from the Philippines where the Peso is on a steady decline so purchasing straight out hasn't been an option for a while. Would love if you did this.

Manuel D

Yes, i would also love that rent-to-own option for FabFilter.

Tiago João

I'm in to purchase with a rent to own business model.

The demand is real

marcelo mandaji

HI Fabfilter,

This needs to happen very soon! I love your plugins. Each plugin is very well thought out and very in depth.

Do a survey to see how many people would go for the rent to own option. You will surely find that there is a very high demand.


Dear Fabfilter!
I hope you will decide to put your plugins on "rent-to-own" as soon as possible. I'm extremely interested in this too! :)


definitely would be amazing, i am a full time student and i can barely afford 1 plugin let alone the bundle that i want, even at educational discount prices. Rent to own would be amazing!!!

masau chongwe spittle

I would be purchasing the total bundle immediately if I were able to rent to own those products. The products themselves are amazing and make me not want to use any others for the simple fact, they dont feel as good or do what I want them to do, where as FabFilter products always work a charm!


i want rent to own


Rent to own is a normal business model these days. Even waves is offering a rent to own on their 3500 mercury bundle...js

Robert Cardona

Literally the only plugins I want. PLEASE make them rent to own

Brandon Kato

I join the request. Please make a subscription model)!

Max Kurbatov

definitely +1 for rent to own subscription!


+ 1 more for either rent to own or a subscription service (like Slate, for example).

Paul Davison

Came HERE for the Rent to Own option, couldn't find one YET. As Jimmy Cliff says; Give the people what they want!


WE NEEED PRO Q3 For rent to own!!!!

Anton Cevik

+1 Rent to own

Keanu Copp

I absolutely agree, fab filter products have become one of the top must haves but I think they’re behind the curve with their payment options. The likes of plugin alliance, izotope, slate and Avid with their rental system have much better options. I’d definitely use a rent to buy or subscription option for full price. However if they don’t offer it I’ll just keep using competition plugins until they slash the price with a weekend offer or something


Come on Fabfilter please do a rent to buy. There is more demand than you even realise!

Chris Wood

need rent to own!


I understand! We will implement a rent-to-own system at some point in time, but that will probably be integrated in our own website and not via Splice.

Floris (FabFilter) — Oct 4, 2018

They've already said they're planning on rolling out an R2O system, chill guys :) In the meantime just get a credit card (if you can) and make use of 25% off bundle pricing at the usual times. Even allowing for 18% interest (pretty standard in the UK at least), FF bundles are still better value than PA for example. For £29/month you can get 12 plugins, not 10 and you only have to pay for 23 months, not 29. Plus on credit you can pause at anytime, unlike the PA deal, where you're locked in for the full term (or you cancel with nothing to show for it).


A rent-to-own scheme for FabFilter plugins would be incredible, and I am sure there are many like myself who wouldn't hesitate to purchase your products. I think demand would be very high and would ultimately increase the number of purchases.


+1 rent to own
A wise company is the one who listen its clients :)


Rent to own would be great!!!



Splice is the only reason I am a happy owner of Serum! : )


You guys are missing out on a ton of profit if you don’t plan on offering fab filter pro q 3 / bundle. Please!


I, too, would gladly purchase your products through a rent to own program if implemented.


I like fabfilter plugins a lot, and would love to pay for rent to be able to use more of them!


Fabfilter, please provide rent to own ASAP... like tomorrow! Wherever it is, just do it!


à about 900€ the bundle, they don't care if you can/want to pay it at once, or "in modules".

The product is designed for a professional sound, if you "cannot pay it, you're not professional" (sadly oppinion).


Please maje them rent to own!


Rent to Own.


Another one here for rent-to-own. I'd 100% rent a number of fabfilter plugins (ProR, ProL2, ProMB, ProQ3) if I knew I was going to own them at the end of the payment period. The 30 day trial is awesome but runs out quickly. It'd be great to be able to continue to use them whilst paying them off.

Ricky Evans

Rent to own please!!!!!! Many are waiting for that opportunity.

Marvin Ngema

Although I now own almost all the FabFilter plugins I would have loved to have a rent to own option.


This needs to happen. :D

I'm in the same spot as so many others.

I currently rent. Pigments and Studio one 4 from Splice.

Wouldn't hesitate to rent-to-own your awesome products.

so PLEASE make it happen.

Like others have stated. The demans IS real. I really think you are loosing customers to other software just because of the huge amount you have to pay up front.

Love from Sweden!

Erik Lundin

Absolutely need a rent to own!!!


yes please


Please partner with Splice to create a rent to own option for Fab Filter package! I'm a broke Bishhhh but have wanted to own these plugins for quite some time! the only way I managed to afford Ozones package was with splice rent to own.

Ehren Wolf

I also agree that you are loosing a huge amount of customers to other plugin sites that offer rent to own options such as Waves which I also only have been able to afford because of thier rent to own options

Ehren Wolf

I am renting izotope, serum from Splice. PLEASE make Fabfilter plugins rent to own either on splice or on your platform. I would not hesitate to sign in if it is available now. Listen to your customers please.


I´m also looking for option rent, otherwise I cannot afford it as beginner


Another +1 here for FabFilter rent-to-own options. It would be awesome if it was available sometime this year!


I would happily do a rent to own as well. Or if it was even like what Slate do. I have the Slate bundle from Gobbler,Eventide, Roland Cloud, Serum, d16 bundle, Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced, Presonus Studio One, Sylenth and a few others and i'm always looking for new stuff, especially the Sonnox but they only do it for education at the moment but I have my fingers crossed. I think there would be a huge demand for this and I would jump on it straight away! I'm pretty sure thousands of people would sign up to this on the first day! Plugins are expensive and I believe this is the best way for most people like myself and a good way to combat piracy. I'd jump on right away if this option became available on your platform!

Fingers crossed!

kurtis mcloughlin

I’m so happy I started this post, I had no idea so many people were in the same boat.

Sadly 5 or so months later no action has been taken by FabFilter

Andy Makin

+1 for rent to own!


If there were a rent to own option I'd start it right now.


Rent to own please!

Nat Ryles

Yeah, I would also like rent-to-own, isotope is doing it already, so it would be nice to know if you're planning to implement rent to own neatly seeing how big the demand is or if I should rather buy the izotope plugins on splice rather than yours ;)



Scott Slonski

Had to jump in here also. Would rent to own on Splice as well.


Had to jump in here also. Would rent to own on Splice as well.


Yes really interested in a rent to own plan for Fabfilter products.

Nicholas Starkey

I´ve been waiting for you guys to do Rent to own or subscription based versions .

I`ll buy it all.



I’ve just been looking at rent to own plugins it would be great to get these on a payment plan.
Come on fab filter. Please

Fred Murray

i would subscribe in a heart beat.

Iain Roberton

Hi Fab Filter, its been almost a year since this thread first started and every month consistently potential customers have come on here voicing their support for Rent To Own.

Really hope you provide this service soon!!

David C

I would love it if you guys did rent to own and would jump on board immediately! Make it happen!

Matt R

Rent to own please!

I've been waiting for Pro Q to go into the rent to own section of splice for a while now. I'm currently paying for two top tier VST's, which I wouldn't have been able to afford without spreading the cost. The FabFilter plugs would be a great addition....Do it for the love, and we'll pay the money.

phil m

Ive used the trial of the fabfilter plugins, after seeing it in so many productions. i realy love this products, but they are to expensive for me to purchase in one payment. I would love it if there would be a rent variation.


I am ready with my card in hand at the prospect of rent to own or a subscription service. Think about how much you could empower new producers who don't have the money for these great plugins. This would also reduce the amount of illegal downloading and use of your products.


Cant' make quality music without professional tools > can't make money from bad quality music > have no money to buy professional tools > Cant' make quality music without professional tools.


Yeah, option to rent to own FF plugins would be really amazing !


I really want FabFilter plugs, please make this happen!


Yeah, your plugins are the best, but also too expensive. Having a rent to own system will open your products up to more people and ultimately more money for your company.

Patiently waiting on Splice Rent to Own Fabfilter product line.


One more vote for rent to own!


I for one just discovered the plugins this year. Everytime I google searched the best "blank" a fabfilter plugin popped up. I love them now, but they are to expensive for me to purchase outright. So here's another vote for rent to own.


Don't know who is making these decisions, but it's idiotic to not ALREADY have a rent-to-own option available. You're just missing out on money as a company and encouraging piracy from people who need your products but can't afford them outright.


That’s weird. I can’t afford a Ferrari, yet its price doesn’t encourage me to steal it. Get a grip.

Of course, there are sound arguments to be made about rent to own, not dismissing those fwiw


I'm ready to do Rent to Own.

Marvin Ngema

Yes! the complete bundle; ready to rent-to-own!


I would definitely get some fabfilter stuff if they go rent to own soon, I want Pro L2 and Pro C2 since a long time


I literally google searched fab filter rent-to-own and found this thread.

+1 to rent-to-own option!

I love fab filter's products but don't have $$$ to throw down on it immediately. I rent-to-own a few things through splice, including my DAW.

So if whoever needs to see this is seeing it, There's a lot of people that would jump on board with it!

Michael Atkinson

Totally rent to own would be freaking amaze balls man

Ryan Brady

Would buy the complete bundle on the day rent to own happens


It's time fabfilter.

Plugin Alliance, Slate, Waves, Kush, SSL, MCDSP, Roland.
We're all just waiting for you and soundtoys to jump on the money train...

Its Time

Rent-to-own and subscriptions are two very different things that you can't just lob together to try and make a point.

Torben Andersen

+1 here for rent-to-own. I am on-board with that in a heartbeat.

Mark Millen

been researching rent to own products today, have been producing music for years now and would love to own this product but can't afford it. as soon as it is made rent to own I will snap it up. thanks

tomas forlong

I'm also in for rent to own!


Add another person who would love a rent-to-own option. I would even be willing to pay a slight premium (ie interest) to do so.


Rent to own is great. Helps all the people who can't afford to buy your product outright.

Subscriptions like Plugin Alliance, Slate, Roland or Waves on the other hand are a whole different story. You keep paying forever, sometimes for a bundle you don't fully use all the time.

Considering the total bundle price of $1000 (or $750 on regular sales), a subscription doesn't make sense. A 24 month rent to own of about $40 would be great.


Rent to Own! Rent to Own! Rent to Own!

It will be the second Christmas for me when this happens!)

Dmitriy Schneider

+1 for rent to own! I would go total instantly.

Catechize Andrew

+1 Rent-to-own :)


If I had a rent-to-own option this would be the easiest decision of my life!


I own one fabfilter product and tried some other, I would definitely expand my collection through a rent to own subscription


I think this is a great option. I will NOT use a product that requires a subscription fee (I have boycotted Avid and Slate because of this), but this would be a great option. Like the FabFilter team, I would prefer this be handled by FabFilter and not Splice. If they are half as good at handling this as they are at writing plugins, I imagine they will revolutionize the way plugin licenses are purchased.






Would absolutely love this. I WANT to pay for fabfilter but there's no way I can fork out £700 for it all at once. You're a bit dumb to think everyone can. Make more money, make a rent to own system.


Rent-to-own for total bundle, totally agree and will def pay every month the to own it.

Simon Wu

Yes would also buy rent to own


Add this comment to the growing list of people that want Fabfilter products through some sort of rent to own situation. We don't mind a small markup for this service. Its only fair. Please do this soon!

Chesare Johnson

Rent to own, would be great. Would buy it instantly!!!


+1 !


Seriously though?

Is this being implemented? Like the other 1000+ potential buyers I would purchase the total bundle instantly if there was an option for rent to buy. Hard to understand why Fabfilter can't see this as a good business model, the amount of loyal legitimate customers would increase exponentially!


Hey guys!

Rent to own is a request we get a lot, and we are seriously looking into it. Keep you posted!


Ralph (FabFilter)

Would love you guys to review this, profits would increase, people who use the illegal versions will decrease ( You'll be better Off)

I've purchased Sylenth 1 + Serum + Izotope Ozone and have a subscription with SSL surely that's enough to actually get a subscription service or rent to own service up and running


And another one.

Request for a rent to own/subscription.

Charles Jewell

Will this ever come out in the near future? I want to buy the pro q this black Friday but I'd love to get the essential with the rent to own!


Hi! Please allow rent to own - it's a win win situation - I bet your sales will skyrocket in a week! you will make more from waaaay more people than you think! its a huge demand for this! PLease partner with Splice for a rent to won program. You wanna sell your products, right? I own now Serum and Ozone through this program (otherwise I think I'll never had all money to pay all upfront)


You would make us and thousands more happy if you provide the FabFilter Pro bundle! It seems like profit is wasting away to piracy which most people who’ve used it resorted to that option...because nobody can afford it.. seriously it’s stupid not to offer this by now


Please do rent to own!

Jesse Tabak

Hey I've heard FabFilter plugins are pretty much the best. They're expensive though so I think I'll wait to buy them until you have a payment plan or rent to own program on Splice. I think there's plenty of demand.

Brandon der Blatter

The Demand has already been here, You guys never asked the fans and customers if that would help them in any way.. Just shut us down with NOT ENOUGH DEMAND!?!?

Just kidding, Your products are super solid and cant wait for a month to month!


The Demand has already been here, You guys never asked the fans and customers if that would help them in any way.. Just shut us down with NOT ENOUGH DEMAND!?!?

Just kidding, Your products are super solid and cant wait for a month to month!


+1 need it now

David Bruce

I purchased Serum and several Izotope plugins via Splice's rent-to-own system. I would purchase Fabfilter's Total bundle through Splice as well. I always hesistate on going in on Fabfilter because the best value is in the bundles, but the bundles are quite a big chunk of change.


I need this now...Working on something that begs for the Pro R. make it happen ASAP.


Let's go month to month please


I would absolutely start my rent to own subscription for the FabFilter Total Bundle right this moment if it was available.

Honestly, right now I am using a slightly older, torrented version of the Total Bundle and it works great, but I wouldn't hesitate to pay and do things the right way and have updated, untampered softtware if I didn't have to drop all that money at once.

I'd prefer if you guys did use your own platform, I don't use Splice but if that was your only way of providing it, I would.

Sylenth can be bought in payments, I just bought the Arturia V Collection in 4 separate payments. My dream would be to see FabFilter, Sound Toys and Eventide provide a rent to own model.


And I want to be clear I literally mean rent to own, not an overall subscription service.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for your message. We are thinking about implementing rent-to-own in the future, but I can't promise when I'm afraid.

in the mean time, we would be happy to simply offer you a few evaluation extensions, so you can use the official versions for a few months while saving up for the purchase... Just e-mail us if that helps!

Floris (FabFilter)

I would 100% purchase or rent, via subscription the entire plugin bundle. I used to use cracked versions of photoshop back in the 00s but I’ve been a happy subscriber since creative cloud was released. To not have a subscription available means you are missing out on guaranteed customers.

IMHO Kilohearts subscription model is very interesting



Yes, please consider rent to own! I'm on it as soon as it drops!


You should definitely consider this,
I would be a participant.


I was just wondering if you were doing this...
I would definitely but your plugins as well if you had that method.

You're plugins are worth every penny, It would be great if you would think about this.

James L.


IZOTOPE, PRESONUS, ARTURIA and many more offer this! Why not you?

Make your fuckin bundle with a subscription. You wouldnt loose anything... but customers.

Not everyone is able to buy your bundles upfront.


Give the people what we want!! Rent to own!


I can see the level of entitlement hasn't faded away and in fact seems to have worsened. When did screaming in someone's face ever get you what you wanted. The angry bratty children need to learn to read and see that FF have already responded above that R2O is on the roadmap. Be patient or get a credit card like the adults you are supposed to be.


Yep am here to support forum petitions. Rent to own it's a bussines model that you won't loose nothing. In the worst scenario customers stop making payments. Expired license!


what are they waiting for?


Pretty amazing they haven't listened to so many potential customers... There should be a rent to osn option by now.


+1 Another vote for Rent to Own here!


SPLICE or Fabfilter please we need this!!


Two years after this post was created and people are still commenting and requesting for FabFilter to have a rent-to-own subscription for their products.

I, like many others have already mentioned, cannot afford to outright pay $1000 to own everything, which is why we turn to illegitimate means to obtain these plugins. We do not want to do this! We want to support your company, so please make it easy for us!

The current business model is archaic and needs to be updated. SoundsOnline's (EastWest Sounds) subscription-based model has been a complete success, as have all of Splice's rent-to-own products.

FabFilter, you need to realise that the demographic of musicians is no longer the top 1% of the wealthy elite, so please make it accessible for the rest of us!

With thanks!


I find it crazy that it's now 2020 and they still haven't implemented this yet.


+1 For R2O. It’s the best model for the future. You can already see the demand from this post alone.




Rent-to-own is a fantastic option for many, since some of us can't afford to buy the product in one go. I hope FabFilter can still consider this, given that many vendors have this option.


Pretty disappointing with your lack of interest in this guys. You said there wasn't demand but just in this forum alone you have hundreds of people saying they would start it straight away. So many people use your cracked plugins because you don't offer this... I cannot believe you're 5 years behind the time... get it together!

music man

Man … I can’t believe there are actually people “threatening” (more or less) to use cracked versions if they don’t get the RTO service – like NOW! That’s so wrong. If one is serious about their music work, they don’t use cracked versions. Not having enough money is not an excuse.

The devs have been kind enough to offer a compromise (se post @ Dec 10, 2019), but that’s still not enough … Come on!


+1 for rent to own please.

I honestly dont understand why you haven't made this happen already, seems like there is a big enough demand for it.


Lets do this...we are musicians not bankers...


Would actually be very nice to see this happen. +1 for me


Yeah rent to own for those of us who don't have $1000 cash laying around.
Here is the demand you've requested


Still no news? We need this, come on!


competition is fierce out there, most of us can't afford 1000 use on plug ins, come on guys!


Would love a rent to own option. Any update Fabfilter?


Hi guys,

We're still looking on this, please be patient.


Ralph (FabFilter)

+1 on this!


+1 for this option as well, would take it immediately.


Great to hear you're looking into this and another +1 to help it on it's way :)

Dominic Assirati

please give us a payment plan

Bear keen

Izotope Ozone9 is a great alternative it already rent2own >:)

Adnan El Shaer

Get a rent to own please. Id be all over it. Even if you could put a few hundred down then make payments..


It would be very nice to be able to rent your plugins! I have signed up for the annual Plugin Alliance offer and I think I will renew my subscription! I'm seriously thinking of doing that Slate Digital too and maybe Splice. Then, yours !!!!

Stefano Sergi, Italy

Stefano Sergi

The fact that they still haven't implemented this is beyond stupid.

Just going through this thread there's literally 10's of thousands of dollars sitting on the table that could have been made through this system over the last 2 years.

Maybe they are allergic to money. Who knows?

Get with the program people, your plugin's rock but your business acumen is terrible.

The market needed this 2 years ago already...


So stupid to think that people actually could spend 800 dollars for digital software without thinking about it.

A month to month lease or rent to own would be very awesome.


I agree with some of the posts here, it is totally moronic to think there isn't a demand for an affordable scheme like Splice's offerings.

The majority of people are surface level researchers anyway and don't go out of their way to tell you what they want, they expect these things.. and I do too.

It's 2020 and your Plugins are literally amazing but regardless of how low the price may seem to some, it's not affordable to most.

It also doesn't make much business sense to have a few people a year but your product when 1,000's could be giving you a consistent revenue stream and likely spread the word about your products.

Xfer seem to understand and I'm sure they're laughing to the bank.

It's time to approach your company like you approach your Plugins and make meaningful, futuristic changes.

Mr Soli

+1 rent-to-own

I have an impression this is the most requested thing on music forums I visited.


If Ableton is doing pay by month for upgrades, then this is something FabFilter should totally do. You would make much more money if this was an option. A 6 month plan would make it totally doable for a lot more people living on a budget. A lot more people would switch to a monthly plan so that they could OWN the plugins instead of torrenting them, which is something we are kind of forced to do since the price is too high to pay all at once.

The 4 plugins I want are not in one bundle too, so there's not even a create a bundle option. Where we could buy multiple plugins instead of individually buying them. Depending on the price of the individual plugins we could select, I don't see why there isn't a way to do a similar "You'd save $______ with this selection."


Far less people started to buy music from iTunes --buy individual songs or albums-- when music streaming started to hit mainstream. I believe it is the same case for plugin companies and FabFilter has by far, the best mixing plugins in the game (I consider the "mastering" as part of mixing stage imo). Which is why I think the pay-to-rent option would be a success if you did it independently as a company. My tinnitus and I would forever be grateful if this became a thing.


I've been learning to create electronic music using a DAW since late 2016 and I've got to a point where my music is coming together nicely! I've built up my collection of plugins to a point where I now only buy something if it is needed and there are no other quality plugins quite like it! Fabfilter's plugins certainly seem to fall into that niche, so I recently downloaded the Fabfilter Pro-R VST trial from Fabfilter's website. I've tried it on a couple of tracks I'm putting together and so far I'm very impressed with it. The problem is that I cannot afford to buy the licenses for the more expensive plugins outright, especially most software bundles and I've previously used a rent-to-own method to purchase licences for Sylenth and Serum (through Splice). I've found this to be very convenient, especially during times of financial uncertainty and from what I've read on this forum, the Fabfilter plugins would be in high demand on a rent-to-own basis for many wannabe home producers like myself! So after almost two years since the initial post and dozens of requests later, I too am requesting that Fabfilter introduce rent-to-own for some of their plugins... and with the current world crisis, there has never been a better time! ;-)


I’d love to chime in as a drummer/VO talent that has used FabFilter, Slate, Waves, etc, Waves for over 10 years:

This day and age, I want to own something. Not pay a bunch of money and not own something over time.

So even Pro-Q3, your bundles, etc, if there is basically a payment plan to make the initial plunge more manageable (maybe we’re talking the bundles) then GREAT.

My ideal situation as a user in 2020 is to divide the cost over time to OWN something.

No paying for updates, “update plan” subscriptions, etc. I didn’t re-buy my waves plugins for that exact reason.

Currently trying the Pro-Q3 and it’s fantastic!


2 Years now that this Post exists and you still didn’t get things together? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???
Don‘t you see the HUGE demand?
Now in times of Corona where everyone is home, get your ass up and put the Bundle on splice or your own website for r2o! NOW, not waiting 2 more years.


I would definitely purchase fab filter via a rent to own subscription!
Best regards
From Finland <3


+1 Rent to own

Manuel Fernandez

+1 backing the rent-to-own idea for fabfilter stuff, apogee recently launched plugins and already has the option

I know it's a very complex matter to dilute the source of income of a company and create a system for that to work

but people from poorer countries don't have the tendency to save money for 12 months to buy equipment, the only way to get structured and go to work is thru financing (to earn the money that will pay for it)

Cássio Zambotto Sabino

Please do a Rent to own!

Sebastian Høeg

Pls rent to own i need the plugins specially the mastering ones or i might pop for waves


WE NEED RENT TO OWN! Think of the money you're denying your company haha


wow guys, you are the laziest company out there...
why don't you care about your customers :((


+1 :))

Mahir Yilmaz

+1 for r2o - everyone i know into music loves fabfilter - they literally are up there with some of their plugins especially Q3 ! Come on guys make it happen! Your extended 30 days for covid19 was a nice touch. Get onto splice and you’ll have all of my money (spread over numerous months) ha


Yes, thousands of people that pirate your plugins would rent them instead. You are leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

Joe Smith


Sam Turner

Now more than ever people could use a little more options on financials. +1 for a rent to own (or even just basic subscription) program - looks like there's a pretty big demand! :)


Please do a Rent to own!

Rent to own would be awesome! +1


Rent to own would be fantastic!


Rent to own would be awesome!
So many musician need it!


Rent-to-own would be great! As a sound engineering and music production student it would be appreciated!




Seems like in the 2 years since this thread began there’s definitely been an increase in demand. A LOT of people would be willing to purchase FF plugins via Rent To Own, myself included. It’d be wise for them to offer it at this point. I know several engineers and producers that would commit in a heartbeat.


Seems like in the 2 years since this thread began there’s definitely been an increase in demand. A LOT of people would be willing to purchase FF plugins via Rent To Own, myself included. It’d be wise for them to offer it at this point. I know several engineers and producers that would commit in a heartbeat.


It's VERY CLEAR that FabFilter is withholding rent-to-own options to take in as MUCH quick profit as possible. What a Scam.


rent to own +1


+1 for rent to own!

Fábio Barros

I would have bought your product within a heart beat if it was rent to own. Its a steady income for you company, the bank would love it. Look at how big Netflix has gotten ten a month… Now i wont give any money to you, and we are both in a sad place. Please consider this payment option...!


"It's VERY CLEAR that FabFilter is withholding rent-to-own options to take in as MUCH quick profit as possible. What a Scam."

No, what is clear is that business is good enough for them to thrive on their existing terms and they therefore do not need to pander to the whims of entitled children. As an existing customer, I would much rather they prioritise the development of new products/upgrades than cave in to pressure to prematurely deploy an entirely new licensing platform, because a few whiny people are angry on the internet. Get over yourself, get a credit card like, buy a bundle at 25% off during one of their biannual sales and be done with it. Unless your credit history has black marks with black marks on, it shouldn't be difficult getting a card with 25.9% APR or less, so it won't cost you any extra than Rent2Own on the full RRP at 0%.


Couldn’t say better.


definitely will get if rent to own is available


Actually PieBerger its not a sign of success at all. If you knew anything about the modern business models you'd understand why so many switched to a subscription or rent to own model. Its not my job to educate you on this though. You have to pay someone or buy a book and read it. Thanks for your uneducated opinion though :-)

Joe Daddy

Actually Joe Daddy, if you knew anything about Business; You'd realise modern business models are based on data not on who who shouts loudest or longest!
It isn't my job to educate you on this though. You'll have to pay someone or buy a book and read it. Thanks for your uneducated whine.

Joe Mamma

Make Fabfilter rent to own PLEASE!

Luke Fielding

Consider me one in the count of the "rent-to-own" team! hahah love the plugins, but the trial is over :(, can't pay all this money at once. But you're AMAZING


The country I'm in has a very bad exchange rate and the plugins end up costing a lot! I have to rent out studios for certain parts of the mix to use your plug-ins. I'd rather rent to plugins from you and use them at my home. Please consider a rent to own or a subscription plan it would mean the world!

Broke Person

+1 on the rent to own

Mark Lee

I have to go along with the rent to own or subscription ideas.

Michael Tiefisher

Rent to own and I’d get it in a heartbeat !

John Diroll

2+ years of many, many people requesting Rent-To-Own and still nothing. Amazing products that are out of so many peoples' reach, including myself. Many talented developers like yourselves have joined the rent-to-own revolution yet you guys seems to be digging your heals in. I think it was around 2 years ago you said you likely do it, just not through Splice and yet you still haven't committed.

It's all good though, I'm just going to continue using my illegally downloaded versions until you get with the times.....

Are there any updates on the rent to own? It would be a great time to try this out because of the increasing lockdown and musicians and studios struggling big time.

Fab Fab

I see this thread is old and I second this. In fact, I Googled it and was lead here, so I am awaiting for this payment type ot implemented.


+1 rent to own, come on guys, you will make so much money if you open a rent to own plan :/


+1 Rent-to-own this plugin please!!!
so many people been asking for this, please listen to us
your future customers


if there was a rent-to-own program for fabfilter bundles i'd purchase it in a heartbeat!


I've been coming back to this thread to look it back up every few months and have done since 2018. Make a rent to own service like Sylenth does. Doesn't have to even partner with splice, make your products accessible to a market that they would dominate.


yes! Rent to own please!


Interesting views on here. The idea to go rent to own takes a company global because it is sustainable in countries with fluctuating exchange rates. Waves came late to the subscription deal and slate and plugin alliance have replaced them in the market that's why they forever have sales hahah. Right now, fab filter has no direct competition except the infinity EQ plugin by slate which has the potential to compete with fab filter's Pro Q3 if they also add dynamic EQ features to it. Even so, that does not even count because fab filter offers more than just an EQ. Needless to say fab filter does not even care that we moan on this platform. I will say this in closing, any company that refuses to listen to customers that are willing to pay for the product should not complain when those potential clients use pirated versions of their plugins. I have not seen fab filter moan about their plugins being cracked so touche

The Mixer

It's been 2 years and still nothing really ? I could really use this .
They really need to make work off this pronto .

Bjorn Samyn

I know this thread is old, but I do hope your demand has increased enough for you to consider this. I want to pay for the total bundle but the upfront fee does not accommodate my budget. Splice rent-to-own would be tremendous and I hope you will change your mind towards such soon.


I want a payment plan for purchasing your FabFilter Total Bundle Plug-in Collection. I don't want to buy Fabfilter the company like the first guy on this page insisted. Just your bundle! Rent to own!

George Malley

Hi Fab-Filter,

I would also love if you guys partnered with splice to initiate a rent to own process to purchase your plugins. I’d assume splice takes a percentage of the cut though so if that doesn’t sit well with you I’d say another great option would be to just figure out a way to do it within your own website. In my opinion, either of these routes would be a gold mine for your company and I think it would make people think twice when deciding between forking out the money to buy your plugins, or cracking them.

Drew Fletcher

yes! Rent to own please! I would definitely buy it that way today if possible.

Viktor Horst

Sign me up for rent to own as well!

Dave Pedroso

All these years later and still nothing, so unfortunate! Your profits would be through the roof at this point.


Rent to own PLEEEEASE!!!!!


It's pretty clear we all would like a rent to own option, it's only been requested on this forum for the last few years by tons of potential buyers. I'll pose a different question.

FabFilter, you product is amazing. Why can't we have rent to own option? And if the rent to own option is coming like we were told in 2018 when will it come?

Inquiring minds wanna know!!

All the best,



Here i'm again after 9 months and i'll officially say -i'll never buy it-. If it wasn't here when i was poor, why buy it when i'm doing better, means i don't need it. Bye FF.


Apply for Sweetwater credit card at sweetwater.com, and right now there is 36 months intrest free financing on fabfilter plugins.


Need rent to own ASAP! Please!


Hello audiofreak..

If interested..im selling my bundle for much cheaper?
its the v7 mix bundle

Let me know if interested.



I would love to have an option to subscribe.


Rent - to - own

Dulmin Perera

come on were in a pandemic for gods sakes people dont have as much money as they used to rent to own works help give people something to play with during these lock downs and at home more come on word of mouth will ensure you make millions from this.

Muscles Beats

Hi. im a indian music producer. the currency conversion is very high according to your price. i love the way ur plugins interact with the audio and omit a very high quality results.

There are many producers waiting for a rent to own subscription from fab filter.

That will help a lot of artist to push the boundaries and work on their stuff.

Rent-t-own even helps your company go big and wide as alot of producer are not affordable to invest and go for the "torrent" download of the plugin, which even cause a great loss to your company.

My humble request to u guys out there,.....please introduce a subscriptn plan as soon as possible because there is no rule that a talent only comes frm the rich who afford this high cost plugin's. Talent comes from between the people who work their asses down the ground.

~thankyou. Lots of love for your plugins
will be waiting for a sub plan..............................♥


I would KILL to see fabfilter product on RTO! I understand the debate on "demand," however, I don't forsee that being an issue.... I was looking to purchase Pro-Q 3 for rent to own TONIGHT, but unfortunately, no option...and dropping $180 up front right now isn't an option in my corner. Would love to see it as soon as possible fabfilter!


Still waiting for rent to own

hope they implement it soon


Fabfilter has a lot of unclaimed dollars from producers and artists just waiting for this rent to own or subscription option. Customers are begging to sign up and they think there is not enough demand.

They probably are unable to accurately track it due to the portion of musicians just downloading cracked versions once they see the prices without payment options and FabFilter never gets to factor in those numbers hence they think there isn't enough demand.

That's just what I think. Believe me there IS demand for your plugins.
The time to implement has come because other software in the industry do offer multiple options to capture more paying customers and it works.

There is a whole CATEGORY of potential customers who I think number more than the one-time payment option buyers; so don't FILTER out your loving and longing customers. This is an appeal because Fabfilter plugins are really great plugins..


YES of course this should be an obvious option in this day and age. I've personally rented to own the VAST majority of my plugins. However, I've not paid for any of yours yet. Fabfilter are you aware of all this market share you are giving up by not offering this, lel. Look at all these people either pirating or using stock plugins. Aka not giving you their money. Please make this option available so people can give you their money, it's not that hard.


Agree we really need a rent-to-own option, even moreso with the current financial situation!


I also think this should be an option. The rent to own platform is proving to be a really great option for those that would like to legally use your software and support the great things you do. It's a real shame the only way do do this is limited to a select number of basic plugins on splice. I'd much rather support you guys directly and have the total suite at my disposal. The pandemic set me back even more and saving up for this suite is just not an attainable option for me.


Rent to own please!


+1 Rent to own for Total Bundle!


I would definitely buy FF Total Bundle in a Rent-to-Own option, please <3


+1 on R2O, your plugins are unmatched but out of reach for so many. Once people use your plugins they can't use anything else, so seems good business to get em hooked early on


"but decided to wait offering this until there's more demand for it"

I think if you scroll the page you'l discover there is a demand.

Please provide Rent To Own <3



Fab filter is the future of plugins, but, only full payment method is not the future. Rent to own or subscription plan like Slate Digital is the future. Every manufacturer in the universe have rent to own or subscription plan. You are the only one who doesn't have. Please, fix it. So much money waiting for you. Look at this damn forum. What more do you need to make this easy thing happen :(

Deno Yebo

Please give us a rent to own option :)


R2o pleaaaaase... thank you!

Me too

Please offer a rent to own bundle. I just can't drop $800 on in one go


1 vote for FF rent-to-own!

Shaun Collins

Yes please, I would definitely buy via R2O and from reading this post I believe lots of people would as well.


Hard times need different approaches.

We live in a time, where people are locked up in their homes. Some of them are dayworkers (have only the money for the next day), artists are not able to meet in their music gym. Are not allowed to visit any sound studio, are not allowed to play somewhere, stages are empty, not even built. The crowed is not existent. No fun is allowed, not even singing (eg. Germany). With a future, which cannot planned right now, an investment of such an amount for a bundle is a dealbreaker.
With a "rent-to-own" model you create a win-win situation:
You have thousands of clients/artists trust in your company, you can plan with a fix income for the next years and have less advertising expenses.

And I would be another client in this list...

Jan Jezek

Please hear us and you will see our support for this idea is GREAT!!!! It would change a lot of things!!!

Jorge Mejia

Please make it ! Give us rent to own offer.


I would be buying this today if it were available.. i mean who which producer has 800$ lying around these days. unless your made off music. in any case. you would have alot more sales if you offered this.. especially since alot producers are bored these days and want to work on thier sound..


+1 I was gonna buy it but its such a big cost for a 1 off payment.


Please have a rent to own option...it’s been years since we were told it would be out into consideration. I know a lot of producers that would be interested.


crazy it's just being ignored they must be losing so much money lol


Seems the demand is here. If rent to own on any of these plugins or even the entire bundle were available, I'd be all over that more than Nic Cage is in movies. All these people trying to throw money at your company because they love the products but Fab Filter is a fancy dancer who doesn't want the singles. She only takes $20s


You could do something like a monthly bundle too like PA or Slate. That would be awesome


I have recently tried your products, and they are awesome.

But I honestly doesn’t understand how you can miss this Opportunity with renting. During this last year I am sure you would have earned a lot of money.

Pleas make this happen now, and why don’t just do it for a period to “try” and see what the demand actually is like?


Just check what other companies are doing.

Bought this via 6xpayments.


+3 = me, Vojta and Honza


Your plugins are amazing but very expensive for the casual user.

You're leaving major $$ on the table by not implementing rent to own as quickly as possible.

If you don't want their money someone else will.


R E N T TO O W N !

That would be FAB.

No really your future customers want it.

F A B TO O W N !


the total bundle is such a big purchase and I use in the trial so many of the plugins,
now have to save for like 6 months or so to buy this and finish my tracks.

hope you guys get to it in the end


Shaun vardy

Really want to get Pro-C, Pro-Q. Rent To Own Please!

Ashantha Perera

I really want to make your software my staple but can not come up with a financing option on my own. Is rent to own a option yet or is there any other options?



Sweetwater.com if you apply for their credit card you can get 36 months intrest free to pay fabfilter plugs off.


+1, would make me a costumer


Subscription service makes sense there is no downside if we miss a payment we lose access and you still made money untill that point.
Plus look at the pros -- Imaging how much money you'd make from customers who don't complete the payment plan


Yes please rent-to-own subscription available ASAP. Would buy it immediately, now I do not know, try to cope with EQ eight.

Albert Makela

It's a shame that the people that were here 2 years ago obviously didn't put a few bucks aside every month, they would by now be able to purchase the total bundle...
Guess that's what I'll be doing.


+1 from me :)

Alex Shesha

Rent-to-own is pretty much the only way I'll be purchasing anymore, it's just the smarter move nowadays on both ends of the spectrum.


I cant belive this has been (a few Comments aside) completly ignored by You (Fabfilter).
How many Customers would you gain if you just offer this method of payment?
Tell me what you think would be the downside for your company...
I am in disbelief....

Disapponited Customer



I still don’t understand why this isn’t an option to be honest. The original post was back in 2018 - he/she would’ve paid off the entire rent-to-own plan by now if the option was implemented.

As a company, it doesn’t make sense that you looked into the option and didn’t execute it - it’s another stream of revenue. Whoever made the decision to reject the idea left money on the table. The price for the bundles and individual plugins are justifiable to say the least - they’re absolutely incredible but with that being said not all of us are engineers for high profile clients that give us the financial flexibility to buy the bundles. We’re all fans of your plugins and would love to add/use them in our sessions.

+1 for rent-to-own

winters twilight

Please re-consider the rent-to-own model. You never know which new rising star you will be supporting. When the reach their peak, it would be good publicity to know that they endorsed your products. The early bird catches the worm! Wink Wink.


Chop Chop - customers always right.

We want R20!

Jack harris

Yes I too am curious!! Could the team at fabfilter please respond and let us know if we could indeed have rent-to-own in the near future? I'm pretty sure youd have at least, and that's at the very least, 1000 people sign up for it on day 1!! I'd purchase the entire bundle on a month on month basis if available...


+1 from me! Wow this is a lot of folks in this boat

Terry Maple

"there's not a high demand for rent to own" as if for the past 3 years this entire thread has been filled with countless possible customers. shame on fabfilter for not listening to the customer/fanbase. hopefully at some point they open their eyes and realize that it's 2021 and not everyone can drop $800 on a full bundle. so disappointing

Charlie Harkin

Would get the total bundle right now if it where rent to own as I write Christian prayer songs and don't sell them for my own profit so its hard but I can afford 10-40£ per month as you did the hard work and rightfully should be paid for it as the tools are amazing. Currently I used the 30 day trials in a bunch of tracks and the sound/automation options where fantastic. GOD bless.


give us Fab rent to own !!!!!!!!


Please offers the possibility for rent to buy.
You would win many customers. For some hobby musicians, $ 800 is a lot of money.


why do you ignore the wishes of the customers?
I can not understand.


+ 1

Francesco Pesce

sick +1


I am on the waiting list.


+1 me too


I would second this. There is a huge demand for it. Antares should be an example. They do not rent to own, but its a subscription and I have never looked back because it is WORTH it. This is more worth it than that is!


+1 plz


Why is there no answer from you?
Is something like that planned in the near future?


+1 We're creating the demand.

Joe Cooper

+1 We're creating the demand.

Joe Cooper

+1 to rent-to-own. The demand is here!!! Otherwise, I'm going with Ozone :)


Thumbs up for the Rent-to-Own plan!

Tjaart Van der Walt

FabFilter Rent-to-Own, PLEASE!

Nick Verruto

C'mon! Do it!

Aneek Thapar

Is there any reason, you are not listening to your customers since some years??? You have such great software tools, make them affordable for the people.

Don Bosi

Please do a subscription or rent to own option!


Nkanyiso Martin

Please do it already

I came across this thread after googling to see if there's a subscription available somewhere. I'm sure everyone who ends up commenting got here the same way.

Is 3 years' worth of user requests, not enough?

Nkanyiso Martin

I would be purchasing a Fab Filter bundle right now if it was rent to own. Not being able to rent to own was the only reason I did not buy the product today.

If you guys come up with a rent-to-own plan, you have my email, so please reach out and I'll buy the product that very same day. I'd even be perfectly happy with paying slightly more in the long run to be able to buy it this way.

Eric Bridgewater

You guys can go to plugin boutique and pay with klarna in a monthly rate. Problem solved :)

Dave Ka

Still nothing after 3 years of people saying there is demand for rent-to-own?


I am interested in this mostly for the sake of the company. I have the funds to eventually buy all the remaining plugins I need, which I will one day, but I think a rent-to-own scheme would enable the injection of tens of thousands of Euro into the company, given the massive demand for it. I fully support this idea and hope for all the users and fans of FabFilter that it could be implemented one day. FabFilter doesn't necessarily have to partner with Splice in order to do this - an internal instalment payment would suffice, I imagine. Just my two cents, long live FabFilter!

Chris Wood

I recently started using the trial versions of your eq and multiband compression plugins to assist in remixing and remastering one of my old albums, and I would absolutely sign up for a rent-to-own arrangement if it were offered!

Adam Noveskey

Wow. There must be some techincal issue causing
Fab FIlter not to offer rent-to-own thing. I can't imagine
they wouldnt want to do that. Most of the most used
plugins can be "leased" that way. Spending 100+ per
plugin is a rare thing to do these days. Not only because
it's "a lot of money", but also
- I might be not making music for a month o year, right?
- I might be just not using particular plugin for a month or a year
- I might give up this career at any given point
- I might find a better plugin for my taste at any point
- New Mac or OSX or Windows or Pro Tools or whatever might be
incompatible with the plugin I bought
- Plugins tend to age and some not as well as other ones.
Those are the reasons why I lot of people don't buy plugins
ever or not too often. Sure Fab Filter is a big name and your
plugs are great. However, if there was a rent-to-own model,
you'd have many clients who wouldn't use your products
otherwise. I love FabFilter for it's visual part.


Sadly, I think it never offer us this type of pay method. 2 years later nothing happen.


I think its safe to say that there is an interest in this. Quite big.


Nope. It won't happen because Fabfilter does not love us.

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