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Very Strange Lag problem

I've encountered this problem with Fab Filter pro MB.

I am running the trial version, but there is a very strange lag whenever I put it on ANY track. I have a very powerful computer and I don't think it is latency because when I bounced in place, there was a noticeable delay in the timing of a snap.

Here are some videos to help explain this strange problem:



Does this happen to you only when you use linear phase?
Latency is suppose to be happening while using linear phase mode.
The problem seems to be that your DAW is not compensating for this latency.

"Compensating" means that the DAW should give the rest of the project the amount of latency needed to keep the whole project in time and phase, considering all other latency-creating plugins and other variables.

I don't know what DAW this is, but it might be something with it's settings, or maybe it really is a bug with this specific DAW and Pro-MB

Do you have other plugins that work in linear phase?
Try checking if this happens with other plugins creating massive latency



I am having this exact same issue. I am using Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.6 on Windows 10, with ProQ3 evaluation, and it's on a gaming PC so it is plenty strong. It is not an issue with Linear Phase mode, as all my instances were in Zero Latency.

What's weird is that I find that the latency actually increases over time. The most I had at one point before closing PT was about 20 frames, and I had it running on about 30 tracks while doing post-production. I also had them automation-ready on all parameters except Master Bypass, and it may be just a coincidence but I swear the latency got worse each time I automated one of them.

Did you ever find a fix to this? Did it go away when/if you purchased the full version? Would love a fix to this or know that the issue will be gone after being purchased. In the meantime, I don't want to potentially waste my money.


Hi Keith,

The evaluation version should work just like the purchased version, so purchasing Pro-Q 3 won't fix this issue unfortunately. Does the problem also occur on a very simple session with e.g. just one track and one Pro-Q 3 instance?

Can you try to disable graphics acceleration to see if that influences the problem?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Disabling graphics acceleration actually helped a lot. The fabfilter visualization was crushing my computer, it only happened when the plugin was open and visibly on screen (only started happening as of March 2020)

Advice was:
Mac OS X: Open Terminal and type: defaults write com.fabfilter.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0

The above steps will turn off graphics acceleration for all FabFilter plug-ins. To re-enable it, change the value 0 to 1 in the steps above.


I have the same problem with a several plugins, for example: z-noise by Waves, and some of FabFilter plugins.

Well, I solve the latency problem with MB by changing the phase several times: linear -> dynamic -> minimum -> linear and so on. If fixed itself =)))

Serg Aleshchenko
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