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Volcano 3?

Any plans for Volcano 3?

I love Volcano 2, and I'd love to see an updated version. Visual feedback of the modulating bands, updated UI, and whatever else you geniuses come up with.

Come on guys, do it please!


Great to hear that you love Volcano 2! A version 3 update is definitely on our list. :)


Frederik (FabFilter)

Great to hear Frederik -



Any news about it? :)

Swen Cort

Hi Swen,

Unfortunately not. We are working on some new stuff, but I'm afraid I can't tell you what it is yet. We have some cool plans for a lot of our plug-ins, but unfortunately there's only so much time..


Ralph (FabFilter)

Really excited to see what happens in the next version of Volcano. Hoping its next on the list of coming updates, now we have newer versions of Saturn & Timeless?

Also really hoping for visual feedback on modulation (and also notch filters would be awesome)

Matt L

For a Volcano 3, please PLEASE include a VCA for each filter (or possibly even both pre and post filter). That alone would add tremendous amounts of sound shaping possibilities!


A modulation on The Link Button would be good!


I agree, a new version of Volcano would be appreciated. My most wished features are notch filters, visual feedback on how each filter is moving, and possibility to create more than 6 XLFOs.


It's probably going to get a similar treatment as Saturn2 and Timeless3 - and i can't wait.
My most used filter.

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