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Pro-Q 3 track names showing incorrectly in Ableton

The track names in spectrum analyzer are Pro-Q (1), Pro-Q (2) etc. instead of kick, snare, bass etc. Is there a fix for this? This seems to limit the comparison functionality pretty heavily.


We're working with Ableton on a solution for this problem. As noted elsewhere, track names do work correctly in the AU plugin version of Pro-Q 3 -- which is only useful for Mac users of course.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Track names are not listed in fabfilter pro eq 3. Im using latest version of Ableton and my MacBook Pro is overheating when I'm using eq3 on multiple tracks.
Can you please help me on those issues?


Any update on this? I just upgraded to the latest version on OS X, still having the problem

Noah Hoffman

Hi Noah,

Track names are correctly shown in the AU and VST3 version of Pro-Q 3 in Ableton. When using VST2 the names do not appear due to the limitations of the format. Please make sure you use VST3 or AU plug-ins to see the names of your other Pro-Q 3 instances.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Ralph

I'm using Ableton Live 10.1.41 and even with the AU-Version of the Pro-Q 3 the tracknames aren't shown. Have you found a workaround for this issue or is it fixed in Ableton 11?



Hi Pat,

Are you sure that all the Pro-Q 3 instances used in the session are the same format, so AU? Please note that you can only see the other Pro-Q 3 instances that use the same plug-in format.

I've just tested here on Ableton 11 on Big Sure, and it works properly. I do not have access to Ableton 10 at this moment, but the plug-in names worked in there when I had it installed as well.


Ralph Verdult

Hi Ralph

Thanks for the answer! Yes, all the instances are in the AU-format but my mentioned ableton 10-version runs on catalina. Maybe this could be the problem...


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