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C 2 compression styles

Hey everyone!

I love the C2 and Q3, they are basically the only comp./EQ I use, even after spending way to much on other emulations and stuff. Anyway I'm like many of you nerdy about gear, and I think it adds an emotional connection to the work knowing the history and what not. I know the styles are not official emulations, but I'm very sure FF had some different models in mind when designing the plugin. The fact that no one really knows what they are shows how overrated different brands and models are. Here's what I think the styles are based on

Clean - dbx 160 ("low distortion feedforward program dependent")

Classic - Urei 1176 blustripe ("Vintage feedback, very program dependent")

Opto - LA-3A (Very linear attack/release curves)

Vocal - Manley Variable-Mu (no ratio or knee)

Mastering - Digital (CPU heavy, works to remove any analog sound from the compression, much like natural/linear phase on EQ. Works best with lookahead and oversampling)

Bus - Focusrite Red 3 (famous for its glueing character, widley used on mixbus by for example Lord-Alge brothers)

Punch - SSL Xlogic G-series (the faster the transient, the more gain reduction and vice versa)

Pumping - 1176 Blackface (on "all" setting)

What do you think? Accurate?

Simon Rivero

Based on the attack and release behaviour, I'd say that it's likely that:
- Clean: digital, aiming for dynamic range attenuation only.
- Classic: VCA-style.
- Punch: FET-style.
- Pumping: 'All Buttons In' 1176.

Some feedback ;) from FabFilter would be greatly appreciated!

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