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Frame rate of my all Fabfilter is too slow. (Choppy)

Recently I changed my PC.
To be tells precise, it's a laptop by MSi
Model is GS66.

But my new PC, frame rate of all Fabfilter's plugins are too slowed.
Seems like it's under 30 fps, and it's became more choppy in often.
It's weird, performance of my new PC is much better then former PC.

I try to contact to Fabfilter via email, but I didn't received any answers.
Anyone knows this issue? and How to fix it?

Byeongseon Mun

hi Byeongseon Mun,

I've also replied to your email.

It seems to me that this could very well be caused by your graphics driver. You could try to disable graphics acceleration to see if that makes a difference:



Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Ralph.
I missed your email because I didn't received any notice by email system.
Sorry for that.
Anyway, I checked you email and replied.
Thanks for support :)

Byeongseon Mun

So glad I found this! Was super disappointed when I bought Pro Q 3 and just saw a stationary wave when I was expected real time audio analysis.
This fix worked great!

David Byrne

Doesn't help Windows plugins run at about 20fps


Hello, just to say I had the same problem with a msi laptop, graphics drivers up to date (msi delta 15) and this fixed it, Thanks !

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