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Feature Request: Pro-Q3 Pitch / KB Tracking

This probably seems like something that could be pretty use-case but I'd be so grateful if FabFilter was to incorporate an ability for Pro-Q3 to support pitch/kb tracking for individual nodes, based on the harmonic series.

Honestly the tracking functions and capabilities in SurferEQ are really well thought out, I feel like even just having this feature built in to Pro-Q3 via MIDI input (including or excluding pitch bend) would be enough, but the audio input input tracking would also be greatly received. Between some of the dynamic EQ functions that have already been implemented and the leg up that Pro-Q has over SurferEQ when it comes to accuracy, responsiveness, UI, this would be a killer feature.

To digress on the benefits of pitch-tracked EQ, when you have instruments or elements in a mix that sweep large distances (an octave or more), a static EQ curve doesn't cover all the harmonic discrepancies which you might be trying to correct. It's something that could benefit mixdown engineers and sound designers both. I think a lot of people don't realize how much of a difference it can make if you have this ability, so it doesn't get a lot of spotlight, but bringing it into the spotlight i think it'd further set Pro-Q3 apart from the rest, and completely leave SurferEQ3 users in the dust.


This is a great idea!


Great Idea

Anubhav Ukil

Killer feature indeed. Would love to have it in ProQ.

Swenerick Corthier

Check out soothe2 by oeksound if you don’t know about it. Resonance suppression would be what you’re looking for, I believe.


Yeah I vote for this too. It's the only thing missing in my humble opinion.

@Ibrahim: Soothe2 is a tool used for a different problem than a dynamic eq. As you said, it tends to the resonances of sounds. If you hover over the pro-q spectrum it will turn purple and show you all resonance peaks, and you can cut away. That is something that you could use for resonances. If you want to attend to those while they move, soothe is indeed a good solution. The core feature is the automatic removal of resonances. But since resonance peaks will mostly remain at the same place, no matter what note is being processed, you don't really need that to be dynamic imo. With the pro-q3 compression, alot can be achieved.

The cool thing about surfer eq is it will follow the frequency balance while a note changes. This way the gravity between notes and their intensity remains the same (e.g. some bass note that goes up and loses their power).


@Sera well since the loudest resonances translate into harmonics, the first harmonic will be the loudest resonance, and the 2nd will be a little less loud, and the the 3rd will be even less loud etc. In theory since soothe2 suppresses dynamics in real-time and you can adjust the sensitivity which can work somewhat similarly to a ratio in a compressor then it basically works as a pitch tracker based on the physics of the audio of music.

This wouldn’t work well for synths that introduce a lot of other resonances in which case midi KB tracking would be the only solution, but midi KB tracking wouldn’t work for audio recordings. Therefore, the applications of this feature would be extremely limited, and I can’t imagine that FabFilter would add all that code and change the interface of the plugin just to add this feature when there many more important features that were rejected by the FabFilter team because they threatened the apparent simplicity of the plugin which allows it to run smoothly and have a smooth workflow as well.


This feature is top on my wishlist too for pro q3. Please make it happen <3


YES! I've been thinking this exact thing since I've got pro Q. The features are so incredible on it but i wish it had the ability to follow some of the resonant peaks.

carlos stohr

This would be great to have. I have managed to achieve it by using parameter linking in Reaper but it's fiddly and requires manual tuning and offsets.


+1 on this, pitch tracking bands should be high up on the list of future Pro-Q features


I don’t mind that Pro Q lacks this feature. I consider Surfer and Soothe to be speciality tools while Pro Q is more of a general EQ. If FF can add pitch tracking and nail it then I guess more power to them, but I’d keep it focused on the basics. IMO

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