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macOS Big Sur compatibility

Many people are wondering about compatibility of FabFilter plug-ins with the next version of macOS, Big Sur. As far as we know it's not yet certain when Big Sur will be officially released. It's likely that the current version of our plug-ins will work right away but we'll only know for sure once it the release is official. We'll then test with this release and update this forum topic with our findings.

In any case, we always recommend to wait with updating to new major macOS releases on production systems until it has been out for a few weeks at least.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Update: we have now tested with the release candidate version of macOS 11 / Big Sur on an Intel Mac and didn't find any problems with our current plug-in versions.

Again, for production systems we generally recommend to wait with upgrading to a new macOS version until the first update.

Our Intel plug-ins will also work well on a new Apple Silicon Mac using Rosetta 2. We are working on native Apple Silicon plug-in versions and are planning to release these soon.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Great news! I’ll be getting a silicon Mac in a couple of weeks, do you recommend waiting to install until the native versions are released?


+1 for native versions. Any e.t.a. for these?

Thanks you.


+1 for native versions as well.

Very nice to know your are already working on the native version for M1 chip.

Thank you very much for this.


Glad to hear the Apple Silicon builds are coming soon. I use Pro R and C2 in a live broadcast setup, and have a new M1 Mini I hope to transition to soon.

RogueAmoeba just released native beta builds of Audio Hijack, Loopback, and Farrago, which are essential parts of my broadcast setup. The last piece is the FF Pro tools. Looking forward to retiring my old struggling Mac Mini.


Checked on all 3 Mac -- on new Final Cut Pro X 10.5 all plugins crash after trying to open them.


@iiAARD: Is this on the new M1 Macs? Please send a detailed crash report to us at info@fabfilter.com.


Frederik (FabFilter)

We have now released updates with Apple Silicon support. Please let us know about any problems that you might encounter!


Frederik (FabFilter)

I'm having DAW crashes every time I try to open up FF plugins on Big Sur

Dylan Edmunds

I just got my M1 Mac mini and I installed every fab filter plug in I have and NONE of them work. I got Logic 10.6 to successfully verify them and I checked the box to use them in logic but they will not show up when I go to use them. If I pull up a project that uses those plug ins it says they’re not in my system. I’ve tried everything I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford the new bundle if those ones even work.

Tyler Figgatt

@Dylan: Please send us crash reports and all information you've got via email so we can look into this.

@Tyler: Sometimes Logic gets confused when installing new AU plug-ins, especially when the architecture changes. We experienced that a lot during development and testing. To fix this, you need to reset Logic's AU cache:

- Close Logic Pro X
- Open Terminal, and type (on one line):
sudo rm "~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/com.apple.audiounits.cache"
- Start Logic Pro X again: it should now begin to revalidate all AU plug-ins.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Dear Frederik, is Fabfilter totally support Bigsur? I really want to know it to update my MacBook.

Tyros 3

Hi Tyros,

We have released an update for our plug-ins in December which supports MacOS11 and Big Sure.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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