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Hi ,
ive been using the trial version of the bundle and saw a post regarding an extension after 30 days .
I sent in at least 2 e-mails requesting an extension and this morning was notified on the website that i had a dodgy version which i'm totally unaware of .
Can you please help me with this as an extension at this moment in time would be a godsend after losing my job due to covid , its been a salvation being able to make music for the 1st time in years .

With regards ,


Hi Winst,

You can request an evaluation extension on the page below:



Ralph (FabFilter)

hi fabfilter,

do we have to finish the initial 30 days evaluation first before we can use the extension code you have sent on the email? or we can input the extension right away and it will have 60 days automatically ?


Hi Francis,

You can use the code right away, but it does not stack the amount of days. An evaluation code is valid for 30 days from the day it was created. So if you receive an evaluation code and you authorize it 15 days later, you will only have 15 days left.


Ralph Verdult

ok, this wasn't clear on your site. in order to maximize the 60 days it should state that we should finish the initial 30 days trial first before requesting for an extension otherwise it will override the initial 30 days because it doesn't stack up the remaining days from the initial trial evaluation.

what happened was i downloaded the trial on Sept 27 and added the keycode for the extension right away on the same day. so it turns out that i'll only have 30 days and not 60 days because it overrides my initial trial evaluation. :(


Hi Francis,

Just request a new evaluation license when the time is over :-)


Ralph Verdult
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