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Ideas for Pro-Q 4

I've thought up some possible improvements for Pro-Q:

EQ styles:

Have a small palette of EQ styles that have slightly different EQ curves (perhaps based on analog hardware) that you wouldn’t be able to create using different slope and Q values.

Also, have the option of selecting a different style for each band.


Like SurferEQ by Sound Radix, be able to automatically adjust the frequency (or another parameter) by the pitch of the source (or another source via the side chain). For example, I’d like my high-pass frequency to increase when my vocalist moves to a higher register thus removing more unwanted background noise or bleed. (This is kinda possible in Pro-MB, but not in the same way)

Slope knob:

Have a 6-step knob for all the different slopes (or even continuously variable) rather than a dropdown menu. Only a single click would then be needed rather than two.

Display Range:

Again, have a knob for the display range size rather than a dropdown menu (perhaps a vertical looking bar like Pro-L's gain knob?). Might also be good to have a more automatic adjustment that follows the amount of gain you're using.

Processing Modes:

Have the option of selecting a different type of processing mode (zero latency, linear phase…) for each band. In linear phase for example, only some bands may be causing audible pre-ringing, so it might be good to be able to change the processing mode on those bands only, leaving the other bands untouched.

Any thoughts?

Osian Gruffydd

Hi Osian,

Some good suggestions! Regarding having a different processing mode for each band: we've considered that but our perspective is that it introduces a lot of complexity, both in the user interface and in the processing code itself. You can always just use two Pro-Q 3 instances, one set to linear-phase, one to zero latency, to get the same effect.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thought so. Worth putting it forward just in case. Thanks for the reply!

Osian Gruffydd

Different phase setting for real time monitoring and rendering


I would like that features in fabfilter pro q4:

Optional phase response display
and phase masking analyzer display from two different channels.
There has to be a second curve drawn from the eq curve, just the derivative of that function.

Impulse response display.

Machine learning classifier of instruments or approximation then applying range labels like boom, muddiness, punch, air to the frequency window.

Inverse linking of IO: if increasing the wet signal by dB, decreasing the dry by the same amount.

Inverse linking of two eq nodes.

Changing phase style per node, for example linear to low end, natural to top end. Not sure about which effect it would have in the mix.

If boosting or attenuating bell shapes narrowing the q in the low end and more widening in the top end. It is the q expansion style.

Alex Hepting
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