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Bitwig and full screen mode bug

In Bitwig Studio (all versions - currently I am on 3.3.10 which is the latest stable release) I find when I try and put FabFilter plugins into full screen mode the top part is obscured by the Mac Menu Bar which means I can't access presets and menus. This happens in FabFilter Timeless 3 and ProQ 2 (which are the only FabFilter plugins I have that support full screen at the moment) - in VST2 and 3 versions. I am on Mohave (10.14.6) and have a 4K iMac (6 Core).

Stephen Wey

Hi Stephen,

That is interesting -- we'll investigate what's happening. We did change the full screen logic in Timeless 3 to fix other problems. However, Pro-Q 2.20 contains the previous full screen code. Can you double-check that you're using the latest 2.20 version, and that it shows the same problem in Bitwig?

You can download Pro-Q 2.20 here:


Frederik (FabFilter)

I would like to add that upon installing my Fabfilter plugin's today along with the demo if Timeless 3, I have encountered the same problem.

I did not have any Fabfilter Plug ins installed on this computer (Windows Laptop) prior to today.

I have had no issues running Fabfilter Plugins in Bitwig on my Main studio Windows Desktop PC though, even after installing the demo of Timeless.

I have tried the following Bitwig versions.

3.3.7, 3.3.10, 4.Beta.4


I should add that the bu gis happening with pro-q3, pro-mb, saturn and probably others.


Hi guys,

We can indeed reproduce this issue, and will fix it in upcoming updates!

Floris Klinkert
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