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Ipad as FF plug ins controller


I was wondering if it can be possible to have an iPad as a simple controller of FabFilter eq3, in Pro tools for exemple.
Like Spanner from Audio cult, it would be a huge improvement for my way of working.

I was never a big fan of knobs to work with equalisation, and the iPad way seems more ergonomic to me.



Can't you use Apple's sidecar as an alternative?
Your iPad then becomes a second screen on which you can use plugin windows. Apparently though, you will have to use a pencil to use the touchscreen. See: support.apple.com/en-us/HT210380


I didn’t try sidecar but an alternative software solution, not for fabfilter but it wasn’t as reliable as expective.
I will try it, but for sure, like audio cult do, a dedicated app would work better.

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