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Hi, I’ve been using Pro-Q 3 for about 6 months now. I’m not a producer, just a pro musician. Pro-Q is truly amazing, but there’s definitely been a learning curve for me. I’m used to adjusting a given frequency range and having it stay adjusted (Lol). With ProQ it appears to be so fluid. Adjusting one frequency of course affects the perception of other frequencies, but it’s amazing that ProQ graphically shows this. Maybe it’s just a function of the gain compensation feature. As a result, after decreasing a particular frequency, you often have to readjust that same frequency over and over if other frequencies were adjusted in the the meantime. So very fluid and flexible, but takes some getting used to. Ain’t your grandpa’s Channel EQ (which is also very useful in a more traditional way.
It’s strange to me that no one talks about this aspect. Thoughts?

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