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IOS plug-ins: Mackie support


I’m using (and loving) the entire suite in Cubasis 3.3 on my 2018 iPad Pro. All good.

I have the Behringer X Touch control surface, which is mostly supported by the current version of Cubasis.

It would be hugely helpful to me and others who use this combination of software and gear (there is a small group of us talking on the Cubasis forum) if you could support Mackie protocol.

Midi learn is great, but if you’re using Mackie with a control surface, as you know, that’s not really an option.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.


Dov Goldman

Bumping back to top.

FabFilter, any comments?

Dov Goldman

Hi Dov,

We do not have the intention to add any Mackie support to our plug-ins in the near future.


Ralph Verdult
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