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Rent to Own

Hello folks! Hope the teams all happy and well :)
Just a quick post to see if there are any plans in the pipelines for a rent to own or subscription service? I'm currently using Waves plugins for the sole reason that they are more financially accessible even though I 110% prefer your Programs. Waves is fantastic in its own right and in not way slating them in any way, Vst's such as Hcomp and The Kramer Drum programs are rather special IMO...but their fundamental Mixing and production tools just don't stand up with Fabfilters... and I bloody love Saturn and Timeless, versatile beasties that they are!
Anyhoo if this is is happening anytime I'd be over the moon, otherwise I'm gonna have to pray for some crazy seasonal deals aha
Take it easy all, Al.

Al Clarke

Not sure. Either way it's worth the investment-either buying the bundle or one at a time. Fabfilter put a lot of time into these plugins, so they should do with what they feel is best.

Jamal Aaron

+1 for rent-to-own

Tjaart Van der Walt
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